Anyone else excited for fl4ks new class mod?

That thing looks like it will be amazing on him. I think its called the “st4ck bot”.

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I think its okay, but people shouldn’t get too excited about it. The bonus looks to be potentially very strong, but ultimately highly impractical for most situations in the game and highly anti-synergistic with Megavore. I’m sure it will find a few niche uses especially in boss speedkills, but unless I am wrong about how it works (and extreme version of I Never Miss) it looks like one of those COMs which is much better on paper than in practice.

Gorillas in the mist bro. It’s literally a class mod for that tree

I agree. With how quickly Fl4k can get this off cooldown I don’t see how this mod can be bad.

It can be bad because of how it resets. Get a non crit hit? All those bonuses go back to zero.

From the little bit I have played with it, it’s best used for GITM with super fast fire rate/ high pellet guns, or without GITM on slower guns/low pellet count/higher damage.

A build I have messed around with a used the new launcher, only firing in FA, and using pet as distractor while staying back. The stacks on mod, UE, plus overkill make you actually feel like what I would imagine the developers had in mind for fl4k play style.

Between this mod and how certain guns with the anointments that increase damage per shot and kill work this is going to make some great and easy Fadeaway builds.

I just got it and if o can find a companion with the anointment I want on it I’m excited to test it and see of it will increase the ignite damage on crit

Seems terror ammo regen and using Lucky 7 with the auto crit roll + at least the 7 roll is the best choice here. Works real well with the new mod.