Anyone else experiencing low level gear drops?

I’m level 53 but since the last event I have noticed that some of the gear dropping is low level including a fair few level 1. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I’ve only experienced that when joined to someone else’s game. And that’s been the case since well before the level cap increase.

ah right … I’ve just started joining other groups so that must be what it is! Still seems strange though doesn’t it?

Yes, it is pretty wonky. Sometimes if you let the items go into the Lost Loot it will max their level, though. However, that’s not wholly reliable - sometimes what is a mid-level drop on the ground will become level 1 in the Machine.

I play solo, so I’m not too much into this, but this sounds like you or the host (because you said you started joining groups) is in competitive mode. Because there are 2 modes:
Cooperative mode: which basically means that everybody gets items and mobs scaled to their level. You can’t see and take other player’s loot, and they can’t see and take yours. Only if them or you drop it.
Competitive mode: opposite of Cooperative mode, works like BL2, where you can see and take other player’s loot, and mobs scale to the highest player’s level if I’m right. That’s why you’re seeing level 1 loot.

My friend and I only play in cooperative and the level discrepancies occur with some frequency. I couldn’t say if they happen in competitive mode or not.

If I understand correctly what you’re saying, that’s how it works . If you’re in Cooperative mode and let me say you’re a level 22 player, you should only see level 22 mobs, and if your friend is a level 40 player, he should only see level 40 mobs. Same thing with drops. You get level 22 drops, your friend gets level 40. If in Competitive mode you’re a level 22 player with a friend being a level 40 player, the game will spawn only level 40 mobs and items. Scaling everything to highest player’s level. Sorry if I didn’t understand what you were trying to say and saying some other thing :'D

The groups I’ve been joining have all been my level but the gear dropping was at level 1

Yes i experience this even when playing solo on tvhm mayhem 4 sometimes from red chests and certain boss kills only advice if on console is hard reset your platform when loading into the game make sure the hotfix applied sign comes up tbh it’s very hit and miss but hopefully helps you if you could also make a support ticket to identify the problem we may get a fix the more who report the better i seemed to notice the low level weapon drops happened around the time gbx released the red chest event maybe an unintentional bug was released

I’m saying we play in Cooperative and while the mobs scale, sometimes the drops do not. And sometimes when they don’t, allowing them to go to the Lost Loot fixes it while other times it drops them down to level 1 if they weren’t already.

Then I don’t have any idea. I didn’t play too much via matchmaking. Maybe 5-6 times. Yeah, it might be a bug then.

hahahaha! I have the same weapons for three complete play throughs and still looking to up grade, can not find anything better and very discussed with them… yes have had lots of low level drops………