Anyone else experiencing severe crashes?

Like, I’m talking SEVERE, and I know it ain’t just me, as two of my friends and a friend of friend are all experiencing the same issue. Me and my roommate both have the Xbox One X, and the friend of friend has a PS4 Pro, and we can all play just fine by ourselves (aside from minor issues like looping sounds, or occasional lag), but when we try to play online via Matchmaking or Co-op, that’s where the issue happens. Sometimes the game crashes and boots us to home screen, but most of the time it crashes so hard that the entire system freezes and then shuts down.

We’ve tried testing our connections, didn’t help.
We’ve tried recalibrating the consoles, didn’t help.
We’ve tried messing with both console and in-game settings, and still nothing.
We’ve done just about everything we could think of, and yet the game still crashes so hard that it shuts our consoles down. At this point, we’re almost burnt out on the game just because of this one MAJOR issue, simply for the sake of our consoles and our wallets, because honestly, no matter the game, if there’s a chance it literally breaks our system, it isn’t worth playing. We all pre-ordered, and at this point, it’s nearly a waste of a $100, and that’s only because a problem this bad should have been seen and fixed before the game ever went live. Not gonna lie, it pains me to say that, because I’ve played this game series for a VERY unhealthy amount of time, and have forgotten more about these games than some players will ever know; example being that finding every single Vault Symbol in B2 is probably the hardest part in the game, simply because it doesn’t count for all your other characters, and doing it a second time is a bazillion times more worthless than Ava.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue that’d be wonderful and very much appreciated, but until this issue is resolved, I guess Overwatch still has my attention…

Gearbox knows. And apparently they say it’s our consoles, not their software. Laughable response.

My sound randomly cuts out on the PS4. I get error code crashes. Xbox One’s crash way more than the PS4 version, but both consoles are experiencing crashes, and for them to blame it on the console is a hilariously lazy attempt to shift blame away from them not testing the game before release.

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You’re joking, right? Bruh… I want my money back before a lawsuit takes it.
But seriously though, I could have tested this game better, in less than a month, and they had 7 YEARS!!!

I genuinely wish I was joking. There’s another thread in general discussion about them blaming the consoles instead of their game.

Well, either way, I’m going to keep playing, but if their game breaks my console and countless others, I won’t hesitate to hop on that band wagon of angry nerds that file lawsuits like with Bethesda’s Fallout 76. As a wise explosive prodigy once told me (about a thousand times or more…) “Make it RAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIN!!!”

Same, I’ve read Gearbox blaming hardware. No other game causes my system to crash. Fallout 76 would crash to home screen, but they fixed that early on. I have an external HD, all games go to that and I bought BL3 digital. Not buying it’s my console that I’ve had 0 problems with until BL3. I’m actually a little shocked that they blame console hardware for an issue that just conveniently comes up with BL3.

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Exactly. I have Fallout 4 and it’s heavily modded, and Ark. Only two games aside from B3 have ever touched my Xbox. They’ve crashed to the home screen, whereas B3 shuts the whole thing down. I would test it with my PS4, but it’s not a Pro, and has several games on it, and several others I have uninstalled to make room for Overwatch and it’s updates. Speaking of, I haven’t touched that game since B3 released.

Several threads have been made on this matter.

They are very aware of the problem. People have said gearbox is blaming consoles(specifically the xbox one x) and saying their game is fine. But I’ve yet to see actual evidence backing up that claim. If it had been said and gearbox plans on doing nothing about the issue they can definitely expect a lawsuit. Because consoles have been bricked over this happening. It’s also on several YouTube channels and gaming sites.

Well, we are in a holding pattern for now then. No way its my or anyones console. Fallout 76 did the same thing, and if they want a developer familiar with game bugs, Bethesda is their ace by far. Otherwise, I’d settle for a refund. Just ludicrous to try and assign the blame they way they are , so hopefully some official word comes out soon.

As of now I’m taking a break from it and playing other games until the 30 day patch is released. If nothing is done about it then I’ll be getting a refund.

Sounds like they are changing their tune and now working on a fix rather than blaming hardware.

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Good, they’re becoming self-aware.

I have Xbox One X that I play on my 4K and yesterday it crashed 3 times. I play on co-op with my boyfriend and its crazy how much the game lags on splitscreen. If I or my bf are looking at inventory while playing the game spazzes out like crazy. Definitely not the consoles. They need to fix this.