Anyone else experiencing this with drop kick?

I don’t know if this is just me but sometimes I feel that, upon using drop kick to reach vertical heights, I find myself almost ‘bouncing’ backwards away from the platform I’m trying to reach when the kick animation ends. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s irritating because I have to wait a few seconds to use drop kick again, and that can sometimes mean the difference between an escape or death.

So I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this with drop kick? Or am I just doing something wrong to make myself fall backwards?

Yes this exits for everyone. It’s anoying and retarded. If you absolutely have to escape use burst dash to cancel the push back.

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Ah! So it’s not just me. Thank goodness!

Sometimes, it really messes me up though because I have both BD and Holotwin on CD and I’m solely relying on drop kick to escape. Then it goes and pushes me back like that and I end up getting cornered and killed because of it. I always get so frustrated. Grrr…

Thought it was because you’re touching the geometry.

Is because you kick the sky so hard!

It’s weird how it happens. Like @shadowhaven said it has to do with terrain clipping. The only thing is that when you watch it happen to Deande in 3Rd person it doesn’t look like she’s even touching the surface. That leads me to believe that either Deande’s hit box isn’t what it should be when drop kicking or that the walls are out the get me.

However if you play Deande enough you get a feel for your angle of approach and only get caught by this once in a while. You can even use this “glitch” to your advantage with enough practise to the effect of changing the direction of attack/escape or using it to launch you a good distance after drop kick.

But even then most of the time it gets you killed. Stuff like this needs to be assessed on a case to case basis and then remembered for future reference. Just like the terrain clipping on burst dash.

Sometimes it happens and I’m not even close to touching the walls though. It just seems to happen randomly to me. :confused:

So I’m basically clipping on a non-existent corner? That makes… Um… Perfect sense. I guess I just have to judge where the geometry ‘actually’ exists and not by the way it looks.