Anyone else feel like grenades still feel useless

Idk maybe they need a major buff or something or atleast certain ones. Just feels like grenades should really do some damage since u only have like 10 of them u less u have grenade regen on amara or Zane or the regen annoint.
Even with the grenade damage annoint they feel pretty underwhelming. I should be able to 1 shot a squishy mob with the fast ball TBH
Anyone else feel this?


almost. they need another 100% buff (most of them not all)


i play zane 99% of the time… what grenades? :rofl:

you mean those things with a free anointment? (of wich only 1 or 2 are viable for zane)


Grenades where already generally more useful for utility than straight damage long before Mayhem 2.0. Now they’re just closer to where they where then.

They’re terrible and need a massive buff.


Fast ball should be able to one hit kill even some badass. It is single target with small radius.
Hex, seeker, CMT and Piss are utilities nades. Their dmg is fine.
Quasar and Storm front should be able to strip shield.
Other nades that lack utilities should be buffed for at least can kill trash mobs.


In my opinion most grenades still need a buff, especially the non-unique ones. Increasing the base damage of all grenades by 50% would help a lot I think.

In regards to the Fastball: It needs a bigger buff. I would, after increasing the base damage of all grenades by 50%, buff the Fastball by another 30%, so that it’s damage basically doubles in comparison to what it does now and additionally I would give it an increased critical hit modifier and make it able to crit naturally. That would reward precise throws and make the thing really cool for Moze. My idea was +250% critical damage, so 150% more than it is now (by the means of “Pull the holy Pin”). After all that is done a critically hitting Fastball would do 4.875 times the damage it does now with normal throws. I think that would be enough.


With as little damage as they do 50%seems to small. All grenade splat out need a 100-150%then specific ones need more like fastball nagata hunter seeker list goes on but yall get the point. I want everything to be very useful and want grenades to be more than a tiny baby utility that is mainly used for annointments.


True. I just calculated the numbers once again.

Now, let’s take a 100% buff for all grenades as the baseline and take into account the “+150% grenade damage” anointment.

The Fastball sits at currently 35-40k damage or so, am I right? Now after that buff it would be 75k base on average, now add to that another 30% buff individually, which brings it to 97,5k, let’s say a 100k straight. And that’s the pure base damage.

Now if we factor in the “+150% grenade damage” anointment as well as the critical hit bonus I suggested (+250%), we should end up with something like this:
100k x 2.5 x 3.5 = 875k
Add to that grenade damage bonuses from other equipment and getting over 1.2 million damage per grenade should be easily possible.

Edit: But we could just as easily just increase the base damage of the Fastball by 100% or so (at least) and call it a day as that would lead to 150k x 2.5 = 375k without critical bonuses and 750k with the usual times 2 critical damage modifier.

Or Gearbox just gives it another +700% damage buff like they did in BL2, but that would potentially be overkill already.

Also, I am writing that much about the Fastball as that is the grenade with the least usability right now as it’s only function, single target damage, doesn’t work right now. Not at all.

Yeah they suck in fact as a moze main they suck so bad I forget about using them they don’t do anything for her .


Now that I think about it: I am still using Level 50/53 Mayhem 0 Clusterfuck Grenades as means of healing for my Moze as the damage of those things just doesn’t make a difference and already did relatively little before Mayhem 2.0.
Now compare that to the glory of a Fastball Axton/Krieg and it’s a difference like night and day.

If grenades did more damage Moze for example (or anyone for that matter) could use a Transformer to absorb their own shock grenade damage and be somewhat unkillable. That’s what I did with Moze when I found my first level 50 shock Clusterfuck grenade. It was pretty great back then as the grenade at least did something other than just keeping myself alive and polluting the screen.

That is true until m10 FitSD hits on Moze and she downs because it overpowers the transformer.

Moze also doesn’t benefit from the 150 increase but is the only VH with a natural crit on grenades. And even with that the only grenade outside of a CMT for pure utility that does anything damage wise lately was a nagata, and that was only half health of a regular cov bandit.
I haven’t been able to test some lesser used ones but no grenade really does damage at least on Moze (the spash/grenade “queen” when the game came out)

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Would be nice for Grenades to do more than be Anoint activators.
My Zane does love his Quasar, but that is due to it flinging enemies around like rag dolls. It should at least strip shields, not just take a tick or two off.

Honestly, they are so useless, that I would prefer to have a low level atlas grenade for my Moze. I’m just too lazy to try and fine one

Am I the only one who feels like the Nagata with AGT does decently well on Moze in current state?

I don’t know, I guess I’m just not used to the idea that a grenade should instantly kill an enemy. I don’t think they ever did that in any of the borderlands before other than maybe the fastball

The nagata is the only good name on her.

I do feel like they should be a force though. With max build for grenades you can get 20 as Moze. Every VH can get 17. Heavy weapons get 51 and can just as easily regen/ pickup ammo. Why is it that grenades get next to nothing for damage and are mostly used for buffs or debuffs.

I would like for grenades to be at least on par with heavy weapons.

How is the LightSpeed? It has a similar effect to the Nagata but a higher damage IIRC. I haven’t been able to play much lately.

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I haven’t tried it yet. It could be another exception to the problem laid out in the thread. But I dunno.

Noelle said previously that they were looking into buffing grenades, but that was a few months ago. Long before mayhem 2.0 dropped. I hope they haven’t forgotten about that.

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literally no class really specialize in grenade , grenade are mostly for utility anyway so i see no problem that they dont do enough dmg to kill .

but in bl3 none of the any grenade really stand out for utility, thats a problem. its piss is good but the bonus is rather negligible especially for non burst damage build , quasar stormfront etc etc almost serve no purpose , singularity nade performance is laughable