Anyone else feel like grenades still feel useless

Moze was nerfed because her grenade skills when the game came out.
She also has MoD, PtHP, Vampyr, WCiCATG, and To the Last. All of those are grenade specific.


I am currently using a MIRV homing Frag green grenade because the “homing” aspect matters most and it produces no additional visual noise. Everything else about grenades is deeply tertiary to those 2 functions.

I main Moze and have basically stopped using grenades at all. The only one I even attempted to use even before playing on M10 was the Quasar, as it does help to pull enemies out from cover, which is a great help if you’re about to enter FFL.

Grenades are doing millions of damage when my clone throws them on Zane, but only a couple 100 - 200k when I use them. Its probably another scaling issue tied to clone and grenades could use a buff if so.

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i would use the clone if it would actualy shoot anything that wasn’t on the ground…

it’s a useless skill atm when fighting flying enemies (and against non flying it’s probably WAY overtuned but hey… at least it’s doing something)

I use diamond butt bomb just to throw rainbow ponies


I use Moze.

Grenades are useful for health, and ammo, when I’m not running Deathless.

only mod was nerfed and the only reason why grenade build existed for once is hex itself is broken .

wcicatg is basically worthless when u can have mod , pthp is only good for dps grenade rather than burst damage nade , GUESS WHAT , pthp doesn’t even proc for tesla etc etc .

i wouldn’t say moze is specialized , she only have 1 way to buff up grenade damage, which is crit

She buffs up grenades with splash and has half a skill tree dedicated to them, those skills shouldn’t be so worthless.

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fine , shes specialized idc .

If grenades were meant o ly for utility why give moze grenade damage boosting skills and grenade regen skills. That’s the major flaw

They need a buff again massively.

They just dont cut it.

All grrnades are good for is keepong buffs like the pearl or debuffs up… And really just for the ase anoints.

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they can also heal very well due to OP levels (people call it mayhem for some reason in this game) for example your health pool being as low as some 10-12k hp a mayhem 10 transfusion tracker nade will full heal you on 3 hits and if you have mirv mirv transfusion that is a lot more hits like 12 in one go. but damage wise yikes

We call it mayhem because that’s what its called… like the game tells us so it’s kind of a why not

because grenade build can also be a thing but clearly doesn’t work on bl3??

What kind of circular logic is this? “Grenades don’t need to be buffed because grenade builds don’t work”.

That’s the entire reason WHY they should be buffed.


That’s exactly the point. I had a lot of fun with a grenade/fastball axton in BL2. Grenades felt like something in BL2, and in BL3 99% of grenades are nothing but tickles.


I agree nades need another buff. I need the epicenter to do as good as damage as the annointed zealots AoE spin attack projectiles they shoot. Lol.

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To put things into perspective here, a level 60 M10 Spring Epicenter does up to 5613 * 13 + 5613 * 13 * 1,1 aka ~153235 damage. Even if we were to apply the x30 scaling ASs got on top of it that would still only be roughly 4,6M damage if every orb hits the target. For reference even the more basic trash mobs can have around 10M HP (+ shield), just to give you guys an idea how much of a buff grenades would need to actually be able to kill stuff which also leads to the issue that using a grenade like the Epicenter would give you the “Iron Bear experience” in regard to killing yourself with your own splash damage.

Noelle did promise that grenades would be buffed at some point, but that was several months ago. Long before Mayhem 2.0 dropped. I hope they haven’t forgotten about this. Grenade builds were totally a thing in every other Borderlands game, there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t be a thing in BL3.

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