Anyone else feel like she doesn't do enough

So I have been playing a lot, and after unlocking Deande I have spent a long time playing as her and she just doesn’t feel strong enough. She is said to be an assassin. in MOBA’s that usually means very high burst damage, but with Deande there is just no damage on her. Plus her skills have a crazy high cooldown so its not even like Orendi where you can just use both of your skills to get kills. Anyone else feeling like this with Deande?

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Yeah shes not in a good place. Even as a range/melee hybrid shayne is just miles better.

I think she’s fine. I just played my first game with her and dealt decent damage, plus her clone is great for sneaking up. I think it depends on her helix

Only played her once she was good i didnt know to to use her ult though and just play against one a wow she is good i couldnt tell where she was half the time she did a ton of damage and had life steal she beat the whole team got like 13 kills on a very quick game of meltdown

Fibally got to test her abit and…yah she feels sub par. She feels so slow for a character that is supposed to be fast (unless you grab all those speed helix choices). Her attacks hit fairly hard, but you’d think those fans were 50 # each with how slow she swings. I tested her soli vs algorythm to check damage, and every other melee I’ve played killed things faster (gali, rath, el dragon, shayne, attikus).

Really I think the worst part about her is how long her abilities take to cool down. Her base damage is just to low for her abilities to take this long to use.

Haven’t played her a lot but considering she has no crowd control before level 5 (and that that crowd control is on a long cooldown), her melee attacks may need a buff indeed. Maybe increasing her attack speed or something? She felt terribly slow at hitting anything with her fans. Damange for the fan throw seems fine however so no increase needed here. I actuall ythink her cooldown are fairly fine.

Ive been very successful with her after playing a while. For gear I usually go CD reduction/Attack Speed/Movement&Sprint speed.

She is honestly listed as “Complex” for a reason, once she gets rollin Helix-wise shes very tough to kill…her throwing fans crit easy, her clone gives her instant mitigation+damage AND essentially make her Ult unavoiable when used properly. Its just about picking your engagements.

Yea shes no Rath but considering her superior mobility (dashing cloak), if her damage was much higher shed be borderline broke…or easymode at the very least, and we have more than enough “Easies” in this game.


I’m not going to say she is unusable I mean hell you can do great as Attikus. My friend plays Attikus and will go 12-1! But it doesn’t change the fact that the character is bad, and just straight up weak compared to the rest of the cast.

I would like to see maybe a little more damage added to her auto attacks, other then that I think she’s in a good place. Her kit is fantastic and I love how elusive she is. She’s not like Galilea where you can run into a mob of people and do some damage while taking a beating, you have to be stealthy with her and choose your engagements wisely.

I love where she is at. I love her hit and run style. Her cloak and decoy are great for keeping support characters busy while I help my teammates take down a tank.she is a slow start but once her helix gets going…wow.

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I mained Deande during the open beta and I was highly impressed. I don’t think she needs a rework or a buff, I think more people need to learn how to play her or just accept that she doesn’t suit everybody.
I saw many Deande players use her as a lead slayer and that simply is not what she is, she’s not like Rath or Phoebe where they can charge in and chain kills, she’s best played from the backline throwing her fans to deal enough damage to either sneak in for a quick kill or force the target back. You have to be patient and opportunistic, but when that opportunity comes you have to be sure you’ll get the kill then take your shot quickly before the enemy team realises what you’ve done.
I think her ult is great, once again you have to be patient it’s not a guaranteed kill like Rath’s or Phoebe’s but when your enemy has low health you sneak in and strike before they can escape. It also doubles as an assisting attack with CC, if you see a major threat who you can’t beat in a 1-on-1 like Ambra or Galilea just call out to your team and stun lock the target with your ult while they focus their attacks as well. Once the threat is down you press on and make an advance before they respawn, Deande works well when she has free roam of the map and can control her own killing zone. She’s great on Incursion but is also a slow starter so again patience is key to playing her. Once you get to level 5 she’s near unstoppable.
I’ve gone 10-0, 12-0, 16-2, 17-5 and 19-6 with Deande and even in games where I didn’t get a lot of kills I didn’t die a lot if at all, she’s best at holding the defensive line and waiting for an enemy to make that first advance or eventually a fatal mistake that you can capitalise on.
She’s not for everyone and I love that, if she’s reworked or buffed then she wont be an advanced character anymore and she’ll just become another Rath or Phoebe, there are multiple melee slayers but there’s only one Deande :slight_smile:

If you choose the right time to go in as any character you can get huge kill streaks my friend went 16-0 a bunch of times AS ATTIKUS! And that wasn’t even his best game as him! My point is that you can be smart about your play and make any character in the game work its just they will never work as well as the top tiers or even just the mid tier characters. Deande just falls under that group of characters that just aren’t good.

I will have to respectfully disagree. Many people feel she is a lower tier character, however, I feel this is because she isn’t obviously powerful. Because of this, a lot of players overlook her. That and I think a good number of players did not get a enough time to really giver her a chance.

Out of all my beta time, I only came across one Deande player, myself.

When I used her, no body payed attention to me, which was great for her. I was free to run around and backstab the crap out of everyone.

By the time someone realizes the threat she possesses, it’s to late.

Yes she has potential but it must be understood that there isn’t a character in the game that isn’t usable. But there are characters with less viability than others. As much as I like deande she just is one of those characters that’s not as good. She has less tools, is easy to counter, and just is weak if you know how she works. Yes you can still do good as her, but again she just isn’t as good as most others.

I am not sure if I fully understand your ‘less tools’ comment. Her cloak is great, granted many others have cloak moves too but she also deploys a decoy who draws attention and can cause a fair amount of damage. Again, not arguing just trying to figure out what you mean.

Also, I feel that being easy to counter is a direct result of knowing how a character works. Which can be said for any character, which is probably why I am having issues beating Ambra, haven’t taken the time to learn her.

Having played 75 games with Deande, I can say with confidence that she is not a low-tier character. I do however agree with the point that not enough players had the chance to play her, or those who did only played her once and immediately called that she was underpowered due to them not understanding her and using her as a lead slayer. She’s not just an advanced character, she’s a highly advanced character, it took me a few games to unlock her potential and learn that her playstyle is unique among the Battleborn. She does lack versatility, and I love versatility, but I also love specialised characters that have one very specific role to play on the team and play that role better than any other. She may not be able to beat Rath or Phoebe in a direct conflict but if you play her smart, back up and use her thrown fans to chip away as the slayer approaches you, then deploy your decoy and attack from behind, she’ll win more often than not. If you see an ally in an altercation that they’re likely to lose, you can turn the tide of battle and dispose of any opponent by using the element of surprise. I picked up a lot of double kills and a few triple kills unintentionally by using stealth tactics over a headstrong assault. If you play smart you can wipe out multiple enemies before the rest of the team realises what you’ve done and they’ll more often than not panic and withdraw, that moment of panic is what you take advantage of to sweep the enemy team.

Another advantage of playing as an obscure character is your opponents not knowing how to deal with you, using Deande as a backline sneak means you’re avoiding direct confrontation and you’re often ignored in battle which is what you want, your job is to stop the enemy retreat and steal kills when your allies would either lose the fight or the enemy would escape and regroup. There is an art to using Deande and I hope more people learn that instead of calling for a buff because I believe the more time that is spent mastering Deande the more people will realise that she is not in need of a buff just a skilled player to utilise her, and if she doesn’t suit everybody or if people don’t like her then there are 24 other Battleborn to use while the sneaky assassins continue to use Deande the way she is intended or the way they know how.

+1 to this. Deande may not be able to beat most characters one on one but she can easily ‘outsmart’ them. I did not see any other Deande while in the beta. While I wasn’t leading my team with kills, I was always top assist and usually went deathless. I was also focused on removing shards to prevent other teams production.

Nothing more satisfying than seeing my decoy chase after a fleeing miko and on my way back to my team seeing a kill notice pop up.

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Shame you didn’t see any other Deande players, what platform do you play on? I was on PS4, played over 200 games and 80+ hours, by the midway point I started seeing other Deande players but she was still one of the least common sights I assume due to her high unlock level and the learning curve she requires.

I agree with the assists and deaths, as I said I did have some success in kills with her and have screenshots to back that up, but in games where I didn’t get a lot of kills I had loads of assists and usually fewest deaths on the team. She’s not a game winner, but she’s an excellent line breaker and oddly good at defending against an enemy advance. In fact, most games where I got high kills with Deande and topped the leaderboards we lost the game, I did all I could to slow the enemy advance and pick off those reckless enough to push up too far but you really need a minion sweeper and a tank in support to extract Deande’s full potential, she’s the ultimate team player in my opinion. Well, perhaps second only to Oscar Mike.

I played on the Xbox. I put in a lot of time too with her. Got her to rank 12 and commander 50.

She did take some time to get the hang of. I think the one area I think she might need a tweak in; her helix. I felt she had 2 options; bacastabbing burst dps or highly annoying hit-and-run CC. Honestly, I really enjoyed trying both versions.

She is labeled as a complex character, I find this even more true when you look over her helix. While her helix options seem lack luster, it’s only when you take certain combinations into effect is where Deande really holds her own.