Anyone else figure this out?

So apperently deande can solo the centre (sheild) thrall at level 1 on incursion. Its acctually harder to kill them with a teamate helping…
Basicly you stand under the shield and hold the normal attack aiming at their head. If you are hitting the sheild dont worry it will go away. Then adjust your aim so you are criting him and heal up. Then rince and repeate with the seccond. The thrall stand there and take it if its just her. Ill also say its nor really a bad thing, just cool to know.

I usually use them to heal me when i play with character with lifesteal as Deande or Attikus.

Don’t think it’s a problem to make some character better for this kind of objectives. They usually spawn at 5min, so you are usually level 3.

At level 3 they are already some character that can solo them without loosing more than 10% life. But yes, Deande and Atitkus are maybe the bests characters to clean and capture the mid thralls mercenaries

All the lifestealers : Ambra (takes longer), Attikus, Deande and Rath
Snipers can decimate them without loosing too many life : ISIC, Marquis, Thorn and Toby
And some others character like Galilea who can kill them really fast if she burst them full crit
Also a Mention to Ghalt and Montana that can also decimate them really fast

But soloing them can be high risk of being contested as Nova alerts everyone when someone engage thralls

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Yup, she can solo both. Didn’t think it was a big deal honestly.

Reyna us also very good. Lock down and crit them down to 0 real fast.