Anyone else find the heads too outrageous?

As far as I’ve seen, Fl4k is the only one with heads I like, because his entire design is already fairly out there, what with being a hobo beastmaster android. But the other characters?
I don’t want a steampunk opera hat with a neon monocle and a star tattoo. I don’t want a scarecrow/gimp helmet with snake fangs and a lion’s mane. I don’t want a luchador mask with VR goggles and a handlebar moustache.

I just want a different hairstyle. Or a nice hat. Or maybe a pair of cool shades.

I really like the color customization options though, appreciate that.

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I think Borderlands 2, TPS and 3 have done a good job making a mix of both relatively conservative heads and skins versus outrageous gonzo ones.

I love crazy ones!

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2 and TPS yeah, in 3 my choices feel pretty limited. I miss stuff like Wilhelm’s beanie, Athena’s goggles, or maya’s different hairdos.

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Give it time.

More will come.

But I agree.

At this point there are way more crazy than subtle ones.

I’m just super happy my 'Mara can be a Crimson Lancer!