Anyone Else find the post Knoxx missions boring?

I’m just curious to see if I was the only one who grew bored of the missions in T-bone after you kill Knoxx. I’m planning to come back to finish it up in playthrough 1 for one of my characters after beating playthrough 2 for everyone. What do you all do?

So, when you say “post-knoxx” missions, you mean stuff like the Marcus missions to get back into the Farmory, Circle of Duty, and Crawmerax?

Personally, I love me some Circle of Duty and Craw, but I’ll agree with you if you’re saying the Marcus missions are pretty dull. As for what I do after Knoxx, I usually wander around and destroy the lancemen Marcus asks for, raid the Farmory, and then do the prisoner/midget mission in two trips to the Sunken Sea. I then keep that next Farmory mission open so I can do that thing that people do in that one place at that one time, and kill a giant purple crab a bunch. Overall, hunt for loot.

Mine never worked. It froze every time I entered the final area, even after I reinstalled. Maybe I didn’t miss much…

Yeah, I meant all that.

Circle of Duty is a brilliant challenge - i had a really hard time beating it on 2.5 - really had to get my tactics right

i guess killing a certain number of midgets was a little bit of a chore as you had to replay certain maps a few times to get enough of them

Then yeah, farmory and craw is what I do. Mostly.

I’m having difficulty getting started! I keep having brain-farts at the wrong time and dying stupidly - I think it’s because I tend to do some intense BL2/TPS then try to jump right in but, in many ways, BL1 is not the same game. Once I have a bit more free time, I’ll probably be looking for a co-op partner for it.

Let me know if want you some tips, especially if you play Roland

Yeah, doing the farmory glitch/crawmerax/drifter hunting is what I mostly do to farm pearls. Circle of duty is always good fun and getting all the achievements can be something to take up your time. TBH you can spend more than 100 hours on a character and not be bored as there will still be pearlescents to get for those ultimate builds. As for the sidequests besides those after knoxx, some are still fun. Sure finding some secret loot may take a while and farming for cores/midgets/badasses can be annoying but if you do them while you do other fun quests (Eg: Motorhead Side Quest) you can breeze through them.

I think the Knoxx dlc is the best of the lot and closely followed by Jacobs cove.
Once you have beat the game though your only way of playing any type of missions is to farm craw or drop through the floor in the armoury.
That’s why I was so pro a remastered BL1 rather than the bc for the xbone.