Anyone else find Varelsi Scavens to do an absurd amount of damage?

I got hit three times by one, which ended up taking me out. When I looked at the kill feed, it said it did ~2400 pts of damage. That just seems offbase for an enemy that isn’t even a major. Maybe it’s just me, but I just find it weird.

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Everyone I believe. The Scavens can take down any character I’ve played if you are unaware at the time they hit.
I really wish our shields really did something.

The Samurai robots or whatever they’re called, they’re notoriously vicious as well. F those things haha.

The ronans? Yeah in advanced they are very scary enemies for sure.

Ronans are definitely a pain, given both their ranged attack (that comes with a slow debuff), damage, and distance closure.

Oh lord the Ronin-robots are worst :tired_face: Pure hatred, guess no enemy killed my more often so far. Scavens are clearly place 2. Followed by Orendi aka Myself on 3rd rank lol

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Was playing saboteur and 1 scaven got through on the last defense section and messed up the core in 4 hits went from full life to 1/4 by the time I jumped to him as Attikus and killed him. It is stupid how much damage they put out.

The Scavens should be priority in The Saboteur, they’re sneaky little glass cannons who will destroy the second and especially third defense core in seconds. They’re small and slow so they’re about as incognito as Deande but they hit ludicrously hard. Scaven Alphas are the pinnacle of butt-f*ckery, fast bastards who love to jump around and slash everything to death. Their large size makes them easier targets but their beta counterparts are IMO the biggest threat in PvE.

I almost feel like scavens damage should be reduced, I understand keeping some high damage enemies for challenge but they really do hit insanely hard compared to a big enemy taking twice as long to down me.

The Ronin… god I hate them but they are easily noticeable so it bothers me much less.

Alpha Scavens are ■■■■■■■ scary, but I learned that Orendi is perfect to smash them. One skillcycle and they are devastated before they can lash out. Since I learned to burst them away the Alphas are my priority targets in PvE^^

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Once you learn better map awareness they’re easily identifiable and killable. It’s when you don’t micromanage that they kill you. I play a lot of Thorn in PvE and she can kill anything :slight_smile:

I don’t use Thorn but I see her a lot. The only problem I’ve noticed is she seems to miss with her ult a fair amount, but throwing a bomb is going to be hit or miss I suppose.

I think they should keep it the same…

Thing with the scavens, they’re like those hard hitting, but easily kill able assassin type of minion… If you see one of those and they’re focusing you, get some distance and take them out… They’re so squishy :sunglasses:

Now those guys on The Algorithm with the double swords for arms and the slow attack are crazy to kill… The shields take awhile to take down, but once it is down, they also are pretty squishy. But to get past those shields when you have two maybe three after you, and each of them stick a slow on you, you just got to sit there and get your ass handed to you :disappointed_relieved:

Yes those guys are bastards. Also those sniper bots if you’re playing melee.

The trick with the snipers are to keep a watch for the aim icon as they shoot, when you see that just strafe left or right and they mostly miss you… I play Mellka as a close range gunner an I never try and take them from distance, I’ve never found them to be a problem using this tactic… Never take your attention of them off them while bursting down the rest. Takes some going to split your concentration though ;)… That’s just my way of dealing with them… The sword guys though, I just leg it to a distance when they turn around, unless you’re at the henchman part then… Pfffftttttt just hope and pray they don’t get you before you get them lol

Varelsi Scavens and the Ronin robots are my worst enemies coupled with an odd Elite Bot deciding to do over 3k damage in less than 2 seconds.

Thankfully the Scaens are easy killable if you actually spot them. Ronins on the other hand… brrr. It doesn’t help that you meet so many in Advanced Algorithm right at the beginning when you don’t have your core skills yet.