Anyone else get a weird loadout bug?

Anyone else get this annoying bug? I buy a load out item but it doesn’t show it as purchased. I think I’m still getting the bonus but it is confusing.

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Have not encountert this one yet, but I had a similar bug where I could not activate any gear in my loadout. Was pretty nasty.
I did´nt really payed attention if stats changed though, it could be it was the same bug and I got the boni without recognizing them.

PS: My fiance had the same yesterday and cold not activate his last (right side) gear. Maybe it was the same bug too.

yes! Thank you. I knew I was forgetting something. This one is undoubtedly a bug. You are getting the bonus and if you check, you can’t buy the same one twice, but you’re right, when you get the bug, one (always the first in my experience so far) doesn’t show up.

Edit: @Ganjamira, how would one go about liking this thread to the “Master Bug Thread”?

Thats a good idea, though the Master Bug topic could be more active, its kinda sad it died so fast o.o

You ment this one, right?

@firesnakezero201 just say if it would be okay for you if I merge these topics and move your posts there fo further discussion. Its okay if not of course, but a big collection could be helpfull for the Dev´s :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s the one!

I used get it on and off but now it’s been in every game for the past two days now.

I’ve had my right side gear Loadout item not appear to be activated as well kept trying to activate it to no avail, had plenty of shards