Anyone else getting awful FPS when playing TPS on ps4

Subject says it all basically my FPS dips like crazy in TPS wondering if this is affecting anyone else.

Broke open the box last night. The group I played with saw moderate dips on both games. They need some optimization.


Yup especially on cut scenes, heck it’s noticeable right from the start.

The actual game play I haven’t experienced any lag at least not at the space station.

Yes frame drops all the time. But its alot better than last gen so ill take it.

Same problem here, TPS is just unpleasant due to frame rate drops and a kind of screen tearing/sluggishness - not evident when in an area without enemies, but once the scene gets more complicated it starts - so typical frame rate issue. Also getting small amount of this in busy areas of BL2.

Is someone working on a patch for this on the PS4 including the BL2 parts ?

Yes, but mine goes a bit further than that in split screen 2 player coop. Freezes consistently when someone is respawning coming through blue worm hole. I just wish a dev would acknowledge it and tell me if I have a bad disc or that the game needs a patch. I am thinking it is because game still runs at 60 fps in 2 player coop. While drops down to 30 fp sin 3-4 player. I’m thinking it might just be too much for ps4 to handle.