Anyone else getting mayhem 10 tags?

This happened last night on Xbox. Not everything is tagged, but some that have been in my inventory, bank, and equipped are while some aren’t. Stuff that for sure is m10 isn’t tagged… It’s strange

Edit: also, elemental damage and chance is way low or zero on cards but seem to be fine when used

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I’ve seen a few people post Mayhem tags on Reddit. No one’s sure why it appears so rarely but the prevailing theory is that other weapon card info takes priority.

Interesting… Maybe GB is testing this on the down low.

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They’ve said that them not showing up was a bug. There’s probably stuff going on here that somehow avoids the bug by being a different bug.

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Do you have a link where they said this?

I can’t find it. It’s one of those things I read, put in my mind as “makes sense” and moved on with. Sorry that I can’t remember the where. I just remember reading it from someone I don’t question. That’s all I’ve got shrugs

That’s (almost) precisely how they said the mayhem level would be shown on item cards in an upcoming patch. So yeah clearly the info and text strings are there under the hood but the code for displaying them’s all buggered up.

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This is a direct quote from Gearbox in the description for what’s coming in patch 1:

This phase will also introduce a way to see which Mayhem Level your weapons and gear came from. In the item card, you’ll see a line that reads “Mayhem Level” and the corresponding number for the Mayhem Level where it dropped. You’ll see this text in the same area where Anointment descriptions are.

Notice how it says “introduce”? That tells me that it’s a new feature and not something that’s already in the game but isn’t displaying because of a bug.


What I remember seeing was something along the lines of “yeah, we included that, it was bugged, but we have the fix ready for the next patch”

It’s simply easier to claim you’re introducing something than saying “WE HAD IT, BUT WE MESSED IT UP, BUT WE FIXED IT” and dealing with that. But again, since I can’t find that quote, it is what it is.

Nevermind. It was a tweet


Thank you. Just my opinion but I would much rather have been told that this was something that they wanted to add from the start of Mayhem 2.0 but weren’t able to get it working properly by the deadline for the patch. That’s a normal thing in software development. I think that would have satisfied a lot of people who feel that it should’ve been there from the start.


It’s a battle between looking incompetent and/or having to explain a lot, or looking moderately negligent. In the end it was a semantics debate that they chose weirdly on

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Haven’t seen that yet.

Is this mostly on PC?

They’re gone today. Last night I had saved/quit multiple times and returned to title screen but never turned off my console. Cool while it lasted!