Anyone else getting this bug?

So I am fighting joey ultraviolet in his little arena and I kill all of his minions even all the underbosses besides one, that keep in mind has zero health at this point, the one who grows and shrinks after certain amount of damage is dealt. (I forget his name). He is refusing to die even after having no health and I am just blasting away at him with my kooson, which is non elemental and there are no rolls that affect it. So I am basically stuck dodging psychos and Joey unable to progress due to this bug. Anyone else getting this bug?

I haven’t seen that one yet. :thinking:

Happened to me during one run. Had to basically die and start the fight over.

Tyrone Smallums. He does this. When he first jumps down from the ledge if you manage to take his health to zero, he will glitch out when he jumps down with Joey the second time. Just be careful to not do too much damage to him the first time and this won’t happen.

Dumb bug, but it is what it is for now.

heh - I literally just had this happen a minute ago. :laughing:

Couldn’t Dominate, melee, nothing. I even managed to shove him into the corrosive trap to see if that would work (though not for lack of trying).

I just Fast Traveled out and back to the villa.

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Happens a lot in takedown with normal enemies too.

Same here, Flak Dominance not working.