Anyone else giving up farming with Mayhem 2.0 dropping next month?

Personally, I just got finished leveling up from lvl 50 to 53 when lvl 57 dropped. Then I got to lvl 57 and started to re-farm all of my gear and gave up…

Why should I?

Mayhem 2.0 (aka OP10) drops in a few days and I would just have to re-farm it all again.

Is anyone making the grind to re-farm all their lvl 57 loot just to re-do it when Mayhem (OP) drops?

I’m just doing TTD since dedicated drops work better until 2nd April. After that will play most likely smth else until M2.0 drop.
For 50 runs on TTD M4 still didn’t drop Rad Powerhouse Redi with 125% fire -_-
But got lucky with Lyuda 125% fire and Kyb’s 160% Splash so not that bad.