Anyone else have 4 Loadout Slots in the Catch-A-Ride now?

Not only that, I was playing a newer character who hadn’t received the Cyclone yet… but it was unlocked in the Catch-A-Ride. Also, my game won’t save load outs anymore.

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same here, it’s pretty annoying

Yeah, loadouts don’t save anymore. Hope they fix it soon.

Ya got a screenshot of that 4th slot? I’ll look next time I log in for myself, but it’d be interesting to see what you are seeing.

In the top screen it just says ‘Loadout 1/4’ instead of the normal 3. Also, if you try to customize a ride, it will digistruct one for you, but it won’t save the Loadout like it used to.

My Lady has 4 loadouts and won’t save. I still have 3 loadouts, haven’t had to update anything yet.

Interesting. Here’s hoping it can be fixed in a hotfix.

Was it fixed for you? I have the same issue and it’s pretty annoying. Can’t save my vehicle loadout:( On all characters.