Anyone else have their game crash whenever you defeat Tyreen?

So I’ve run through Tyreen in the Destryoer’s Rift several time now in the past few days, and every time I beat her about 5-45 seconds later my game will crash. It’s only been happening since the 1.02 update. I’m on a base PS4 and set the output to 480p from the main settings menu. In the in-game options I’ve set the FOV’s to minimum but nothing has changed.

This just happen to me when attempting to beat her for the first time. Now I’m scared to try again and just waste time. Huge bummer

Hello, I have the same issue, when Tyreen is almost defeat, my PS4 crash, I will try again today, and take a look to the error code. But it’s very frustating.

It’s happened to me twice now, I get her down to the last inch of health and the game crashes, super frustrating I can’t beat the game cuz of this crap

Yessir, about 75% into the Tyreen fight, the game crashes… Demmit, it’s frustrating!!

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I have just started experiencing this. I get to the last bar of health and the game freezes, it’s the 4th time I’ve had this (pc), it doesnt allow me to stop the game with task manager, it just seems to freeze, completely locking up the game, although the audio seems to continue. Do you play on pc and dis you find any info on how to fix the issue? Thanks in advance.

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