Anyone else have this issue?

I have been having an issue with the game off and on for a long time now, wasn’t too big of an issue at the weaker levels but at Op8 it can be really horrible.

I have noticed that for some reason when I hit FFYL mode pretty often my DPS just drops like in half or more the moment I go down. I know you accuracy isn’t as good while you are done there, but I am talking even at point blank range or using a weapon with pinpoint accuracy, I will be pure wrecking them and see myself getting low and figure I will just hit FFYL and finish them off but then the moment I go down, my damage drops so low I can barely keep up with their natural regeneration and some times their regeneration actually seems higher than my damage.

Last night was amazing when it did it because I had an Op8 Bitch SMG and had a normal psycho in front of me, and I had it aimed directly at his head and was watching the critical hits just ping him in the head for his health meter to barely budge.

Anyone else have this issue or have any clue what is causing it?

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What charecter/build are you playing? if you’re playing Reaper Krieg or something similar, a lot of your DPS may be tied to killskills, which you lose when you go down.


You can also rectify this with skills for some classes. Maya has Immolate, Axton has Last Ditch Effort, Sal has a skill to allow him to gunzerk in FFYL, etc.

I play as Maya but no immolate talented into it so my weapon damage should be exactly the same in FFYL that I have normally.

It is weird, it is like the moment I go down, my DPS will drop like a rock, but not every time. I have it happen since my first playthough, which really wasn’t too big of an issue but at Op8, my DPS can drop so much that I am barely keeping up with their health regeneration which can make second wind impossible.

I’ve noticed this with Maya also but just figured it was coded to an accuracy reduction that is impacting the weapon.

Had it happen at times where accuracy couldn’t be a factor too many times to rule that out for me.

Have had an enemy who was directly in front of me so close their crotch took up my entire screen lighting them up and they still couldn’t die and I have hit them with weapons with pinpoint accuracy at close range and watched the critical hits just rolling off them and their life barely get touched.

It is like the bullet damage is going down.

ive had it happen with krieg too. you get too close and accuracy goes away.

The only things you lose that has a significant effect on DPS going down on Maya are Wreck and Chain Reaction. And there is no damage penalty for being in FFYL.

The only thing I can think of that would explain the behavior you’re experincing is having slag drop off enemies. To remedy this you could spec Scorn, you can throw it while you’re down.

Also, I highly recomend taking Immolate, it’s pretty much a get out of jail free card, and it’s better than the alternitives.

I know about Wreck and Chain Reaction and I have talented into both of them but this happens on enemies that I hadn’t had slagged to begin with as my Phase Lock was on cool down when I am getting swarmed and either didn’t get cover fast enough or figured I wouldn’t need to because the setup should have allowed for an easy second wind.

Been thinking about speccing into Immolate actually just due to this as it seems to happen entirely too often. Just seems weird when I can have an enemy within 15 feet of me with a pinpoint accurate SMG and load 100+ rounds into them watching criticals just fall off them only to see their health barely budge as I finally bleed out and die.

you really need to use slag in UVHM, that is actualy your problem. you need to either take Scorn, grab a slag weapon, or recognise the fact that you cannot slag in FFYL and play accordingly.

even if you take immolate, most SMGs wont be getting you a second wind without slag, actually, most guns won’t get you reliable Second Winds w/out slag.

I know about slag, I am talented into my phase lock slagging enemies and it only has a cool down of like 6 seconds with my Siren Mod and my Bone of the Ancients. And I know about the guys whom you aren’t going to get crap without slag from.

I am talking about fighting enemies where you don’t need slag to kill them and having your DPS drop the moment you enter FFYL mode. Like a normal psycho where you don’t need slag to kill them and you can’t even get a second wind on them because your DPS dropped to near nothing.

I don’t know what to tell you, there is no penalty other than the crosshair pull for going into FFYL, mabye you arn’t actually hitting crits because of that.

Why I am confused about it, because I have watched criticals just rolling off them and it goes from actually doing something to not doing anything when I am FFYL even though it still says I am getting criticals.

Whole reason why I keep the Bitch SMG on quick slot because even in FFYL, it is virtually pinpoint accuracy. Does fine most times, than just randomly it is like my weapons lost half their damage for some reason.

Makes no sense to me.

A lot of people underestimate the amount of damage slag gives you, I’m guessing that’s the case here, espicaly if with the uptime you have from PL.

No, not on this.

I know how much damage it does and doesn’t do. I would think after over 200 hours of playtime I would know that much.

I keep them slagged as much as possible but there are some enemies on Op8 that don’t need slag to kill. And when I am in FFYL or I know I am about it be, I make sure to target them and get them low before I go down and many times my damage just dies the second I hit FFYL for no reason.

If this was a case of just not having them slagged, I would not have made this as I know slag triples the damage on the targets but this isn’t an issue of not having them slagged for the bonus damage. I am talking about my base damage dropping while in FFYL for no cause that I can find.

I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve thrown out every reasonable idea I can think of and you shot all of them down. There is no reason fo you to be seeing what you describe here. The only thing I’ve got left is confirmation bias; you’ve found weak damage in FFYL becasue you expected your damage in FFYL to be bad.

No, not confirmation bias either, it is just a case of everything you have brought up are things I had already ruled out which leaves me wondering why it happens.

And as I said, it isn’t every time, it is random but frequent enough to notice and not just discount.

I didn’t find weak damage because I expected it, I found it because I wasn’t expecting it only to have it happen repeatedly to the point I ended up trying to figure out what is causing it. Most times my damage seems to work fine and live or die, it is about expected, but randomly my damage output dies the moment I go into FFYL for no apparent reason that I can find.

Well, you can’t actually rule out confirmation bias without doing a test comparing your damage in and out of FFYL, so you can’t rule that one out that quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing one of the things I mentioned previosly, or mabye a few of them, are what are casuing your “random occurances,” nobodies memory is perfect and even the best players mess up sometimes.

I know, but if you are going toe to toe with an enemy and they aren’t slagged because your stuff is on cool down and you wipe out 75% of his life just standing toe to toe because they are don’t want to move an inch and just want to trade blows with you and you let it happen figuring you can wipe them out in FFYL because they are the last one standing anyways and weak and then you hit FFYL and even though they STILL aren’t moving and you are still lighting them up and all but now your damage is so low you are just barely beating out his energy regeneration and his life bar is barely budging.

What would you call it? That is what happened earlier today which finally prompted me to make this thread. Wasn’t the first time, but it was one of the most annoying variations I have had of it.


do some tests, see if you can reliably replicate this situation, maybe you found something interesting