Anyone else having extreme trouble getting wick and warty to drop leg shotgun on tVHM

As title says anyone else fi ding that wick and warty just plain wont spawn at all on TVHM? I just did 28 runs and in 28 attempts wick and warty spawned 4 times none of which dropped the gun. Its only weird becsuse in first playthrough i did 9 attempts and they spawned in for 6 of them and dropped the gun on the 8th. Now i go 9,10 even 12 or 13 attempts and they dont even spawn at all one time. Is the RNG massively nerfed for them on tVHM or whats going on?

I killed them at least 30 times. No dice. Gave up.

I keep trying the Warden for a shock infinity… No luck yet… With the maths it’s probably a ridiculous task. I remember taking days of farming one boss to get the parts I needed in BL2. RNG the basis of most compusive online addictions… I’m seeking help… just one more roll… then maybe I will stop…