Anyone else having performance / responsiveness / bugginess lately?

Not sure what’s been happening, but at least since Alani (not saying that’s a fault), I’ve been having really odd performance issues.

UI bugs, taking several clicks to activate a skill, earlier I couldn’t activate a piece of gear (attack speed).

Part of me is wondering if it’s a server issue related to all of the commands / effects happening (particularly since Alani is so nuts). My PC is more than equipped to handle the game.

Have had some others make similar comments when in competitive matches.

Screen bugs out while transitioning between Screens. Small white flashes at the edge of the screen.

PVE Missions have more noticable FPS Drops. Maybe its just the scaling System that spawns more enemys because of some sort of matchmaking thats based on the Mission Success Rate and Command Rank.

The Boss Knockback in the Heliophag is really insane, I don’t remember being thrown over the edge of the floating islands that far away before.

I’m getting mysterious bad connections to matches a fair amount of times, my internet seems to be fine or no different but I start noticing stutter stepping and my bar goes red. Idk…

I’m having low fps in overall since the Alani patch.

I barely can hit with my basic attacks as Phoebe in pvp.