Anyone else having problems with loot not dropping?

I don’t know what’s gone wrong for me but the whole loot thing seems bust. I’ve just defeated Captain Traunt on Mayhem level 4 and didn’t even get a purple weapon let alone a legendary. The games been odd for a couple of days now. I’ve done some runs where enemies don’t drop items and other times its grey or green with the odd blue and next to no purple. I tried switching Mayhem mode off and I was playing against level 19 enemies when I’m level 50. I think I’m going to give up as it’s just not worth the effort anymore, the game is obviously broken!

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I’ve had to quit to the home screen then restart the game to were i see claptrap dancing. Seem’s to fix my issue’s. Wotan not dropping any leg is usually my sign to do that. FYi on xbox.

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I’m on PS4, I’ve tried quitting to home screen and I’ve actually resorted to reinstalling the game with no success. Even on Mayhem 4 all I get to drop is blue and green items with a very rare purple. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort any more :frowning_face:

Ok, make sure your hotfix sign is present before you hit continue. Might take a minute.

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Thanks, yes I’ve done that but still no joy. I’ve no idea what to do next because I’ve tried everything. I’ve turned Mayhem mode off and encountered level 19 enemies and I’ve cycled through the modes testing it each time on the same world. The only thing that going up a level in Mayhem mode does is make the difficulty harder whilst the gear drops remain the same i.e. green and blue

Yea I’ve noticed some weirdness myself but nothing at your level. Sometimes the hotfix doesn’t kick in but that’s about it. Once in while, Agonizer will only drop purples and blues.

Having low level enemies at end game is a whole other issue. Might want to reach out to someone here a bout getting a support ticket started.

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Thanks I’ll be interested to see what happens after the farming frenzy finishes !

I’m willing to bet that OP is in NVHM, so the moment you turned off Mayhem level and go visit Traunt or whatever, they will be at their original low level. Feature, not a bug.

True but wouldn’t the enemies still be higher than that? Can you put mayhem on in NVHM?

Once you finished the story, yes, you can enable it. I’m currently in NVHM at L50 on M2 goofing around and exploring Proving Grounds and Circles .

I didn’t try TVHM, because don’t see good reasons, but also did not attempt to revisit story bosses on M0, since I figured they will be at their low level, so why bother.

Cool never did that. Only played 2 characters and jumped to TVHM after normal. Starting Zane after the event.

If by NVHM you mean normal (not true) vault hunter mode then you are correct. I thought that all enemies scaled to your level though once you reached level 50 (which I am) ? Even so it doesn’t explain why Traunt didn’t drop anything better than blue when I beat them on Mayhem level 4. I’ve tried googling to see if there’s a known bug and found nothing so I thought I’d post on here to see if anyone else had been having problems. Surely it can’t just be me!

Luck or lack thereof? It is quite possible not to get anything, even for a few times in a row - and you can bet that people who got good drops are less likely to come here to brag about it. Unlucky people do, however.

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I was getting a reasonable supply of legendaries and purples until three or four days ago when everything appeared to dry up. that’s why I presumed that there was a problem. I think the problem is that you see the videos on Youtube with layers surrounded by shiny golden weapons when playing on Mayhem 4 and you expect that you will get the same!

No issues for me. I’m M3 TVHM and picked up 2 Items I wanted today in 2 kills

Selection bias right there - I suspect videos of boss killing with blues dropping are not as exciting, so no one posts them. Or something like that.

In general I don’t fully get the idea of watching someone else playing the game. What’s next, YT video of someone reading a book or watching a movie? :slight_smile:

I normally have a look when I need a little help otherwise I agree with you

might just be bad RNG, but also, make sure the hotfix is applied when you boot up. Last night, I was so confused when my moze seemed to drop in power with her 160% splash build. Looked at my guns and they were the old anointments. Restarted the zone after the hotfix, and she was back up to snuff.

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In your opinion how often do you get purple and gold items? Do you get a lot of blues and green?