Anyone else having this issue

In menu it will not let me mark anything as junk to sell


Same for me and a friend, since the latest update.
Hope this can be fixed !

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I got the same problem plus another one with Matchmaking Initialization… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Just posted the same thing a few minutes ago. I’m in a ps4.

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Works fine for me on xbox

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There are quite a few posts about this already, it seems that it only happened to PS4 and has to do with the recent update.

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What I have found is that if you favourite something inside the shop then it works but still shows blank after you exit.

I’ve been equipping every item I pick up so I can mark it as junk… Would be nice to hear some word about when this is being fixed… There’s already a ton of inventory management in this game without the tools breaking…

Same for me on PS4. The update broke the mark as junk/fav option within our backpacks. Support responded to my open ticket that the current workaround is to mark items that are equipped, from the bank, or from a vending machine. Not a fun way for me to manage my vast inventory, but there you have it

Same Problem after Patch 1.5.