Anyone else hoping for a more vibrant (Colorful) DLC next go-round?

I really loved The Crawmerax and Pirates Booty DLC of BL2. That oasis vibe from BL2 hit me right in the feels.

The Wainwright & Hammerlock DLC just felt like I spent 4+ hours on block of white ice.


Next DLC looks to be a “Western” motif, so I’m expecting lots of brown. lol


Kinda really glad hammerlocks dlc was really dark and gloomy not a fan of romantic themes in most games think classic cheesy valentines day events from mmos and destiny styled games glad we got a borderlands vibe for a romance wedding love themed dlc and yes I am just a Scrooge lol “get off my damn lawn dang it!!!”

I’m guessing that all those complaining about the vibrant colour palette in BL2 and clamouring for a return to BL1’s muted brown and grey will be collectively yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Personally, I liked the variety of environments in BL2. That said, I’d rather the art design matched the theme of the story and - since that’s ‘cowboys and dinosaurs’ - I’m ok with a return to something more like Lynchwood.

I’m more interested to see what DLC4 is going to be…


DLC1 had plenty of colours and flashing lights.

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and DLC 4 they allready spoiled that krieg would be back :smiley:

but yeah… i agree with the OP… we need a sunny planet to go too!!

BL2 had far better art then BL3 (weirdly enough) every planet you go to feels the same… (DLC2 world feels like eden 6 in winter…)

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Meh not a fan of the crawmerax dlc. Oasis design was good but crawmerax way too gaudy it is borderlands not serious sam. I enjoyed the present dlc it captured well its Lovecraftian inspiration.

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I would love a creepy kinda dead incredibly sunny planet think chronic of riddick kind of thing not like pandora more baren with caves and sparce dead towns like the metro exodus level


there are limitless possibilities with the current “travel through the galaxy” aproach :smiley:

but now it feels more like everybody in the intire galaxy used the same exterior decorator haha (what would you like… the pandoran style or the eden 6 style hahaha)

lol I mean there is Athena and those two places the recent dlc I cant spell and nekrasomething something lol

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nekrotafeio was a nice change of scenery, that’s true haha

I think I’m the only one who liked the icy new dlc planet lol every one I see hates it


i don’t realy hate it hahaha for me it just looks a lot like BL2 parts of pandora hahaha with eden 6 mansions and BL3 houses hehe

the archives map i realy love :smiley: (ok it’s a library but i realy liked the quests you had to do there)

the mountains where also great! the more i think about it the more i’m agreeing with you haha… i realy like this DLC :slight_smile:

yeah I get the pandora thing massively I think why it didn’t actually make me think oh great more pandora was the love craftian feel that kind of hung over the place but yeah I loved the library and oddly the cemetery/town plus the mansion and place after it that felt awesome lol


You could always be shooting in the dark, ie Tumorhead, prior to the fix. It was so dark, just kept tossing grenades to light it up a bit.

Reminds me of a number of environments from Skyrim.
Best to play in the hot summer months.

I have not played this one completely through, (Gun’s Love and tentacles) But It sort of reminds me of the Doc. Zed DLC in BL1. as far as look, and some of the oddities of the creature creation.

Nothing bad about that It was sort of just my fist impression of the DLC. Like I said I have not gotten real far in it yet. Time constraints and all.