Anyone else hoping for more Legendary Oz Kits?

Anyone else a bit bummed that the Claptastic DLC didn’t have any new Oz Kits? We only have 5 legendary Oz Kits, and most aren’t even as good as purples. Especially the Support Relay, because it doesn’t seem to scale much past 50.

Ack Ack is good for bosses, but otherwise the only real choice is the 3DD1.E, which is frankly an OP Oz kit, providing incredible defense AND good offensive boosts.

I’m kinda hoping we see more Legendary Oz kits, or even Unique ones.

yes and no. Overall I have been extremely satisfied with the variety of oz kits available. My only complaint is kinda similar to part of your issues, but I just wish the other legendary oz kits could compete with eddie.

Not really. Almost all the Oz Kits are situational, save the Eddie that is a general purpose one.
So, every one of them have it uses. And I like it much more than the Bone of Ancients for almost everything. Haha

Not really. 3DD1.E and Ack Ack have been all that I’ve had to use and I’m quite happy with them.

We already got more legendary Oz kits than BL2 gave us in legendary relics, so I’m fine the the current state.