Anyone else hoping it will be difficult to get the second skin in the new DLC?

I considered posting this here Your Unpopular Opinion, but I don’t know if this an unpopular opinion yet, because I’ve never seen it discussed. I have a feeling it might be, though…

So here we go.

As we know, a high score in the DLC mission unlocks a skin for the character you play as. That’s fantastic. I love it. But what would make this even better is if this score was hard to get. A challenge on par with anything else the game has to offer - five-person Advanced Heliophage on Hardcore levels of challenge. I want this mode to feel like five Dreadwinds to the face.

See, I’m tired of the Master titles and skins. Especially after quad XP and the watering down of lore challenges, they’re pretty meaningless. Given that the skins in this new DLC are character-specific, in the sense you have to play that particular character to unlock their skin, it’d make a pretty cool alternative - assuming that getting the top score isn’t essentially a formality, something you can expect to tick off in a day and move on.

Because this mission is going to be shorter and offer more variety, it can focus less on the grind and more on the challenge. You’d be able to take a shot at it, fall short, and not feel like you’ve just wasted 40 minutes. I’m not suggesting it be fiendishly hard to complete, mind you, only to master. I want this to be an incentive to practice your most favorite characters inside-and-out - not just a formality for unlocking two extra skins.

I don’t care how ridiculous the requirements are: I want this mission to bring it on. I want to fail over and over, until I finally execute that perfect game and strut away, feeling grand, in my pretty new skin.

Who’s with me?

Edit: I wrongly assumed the second skin was the reward for a maximum score. It’s not - you only need 85/100. So this is now a “wouldn’t it have been cool if” topic, I guess :frowning:


I agree with this. Thank you, Eden, I never even thought of this.

People used to take me seriously back before they changed Whiskey’s lore, but now everyone and their grandma has Master of Whiskey Foxtrot.


There’s nothing wrong with a challenge! Especially if it gives me a kick-ass skin and title that show how great I am!

Then I’ll probably just go back to Reptile Foxtrot. xD

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I thought that 100 points only got you a Commander pack? I’m going off of this

It’s possible. I’m going by vague memory that both skins are unlocked by playing the DLC mission, and the more significant of the two requires the top score possible. But I could easily be wrong :frowning:

50-first skin
60-commander pack
85-second skin
100-infinite commander packs for playing repeatedly

Not mentioned:

How hard it is to get to 100:
“Pretty hard” “hard” “hard”

Well, bleh. Time to edit my post to reflect my poor grasp of facts :cry:

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I actually thought the same thing and just checked MM’s to make sure lol. But I feel like getting the base taunts and skins much easier, and easier faction legendaries and good gear is still great though. I’m gonna be playing this a LOT to get through it all. (Oh no. Mellka in PVE. 11 times to get everything for her)

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The titles aren’t character specific right?

I don’t want to have to run this with every single toon.

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I don’t think so, but the skins and taunt definitely are. It would be ridiculous to include 900 titles in the DLC

I thought they only outlined 3 new taunts being available through this operation.


I like playing Mellka in PVE. I actually have to concentrate instead of my usual Ambra technique of just lazily drifting along while everything melts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whaaaaaaaaaat? You’re probably right. Do you know where that is? I don’t wanna be sad

Haha. I usually end up playing Thorn, Kleese, or Deande (raid, defense, escort). Tbh, I’ve yet to play much PVE Mellka. The prologue was fun though.

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@epicender584 @EdenSophia

Hit me up once the DLC drops. I can play Whiskey, Reyna, Montana or Pendles, depending on what is needed.

PSN: LinearSpixx

Till then, I’m trying to get good at LoL. Poppy, Kayle and Twisted Fate are the best, no matter how much Kayle actually sucks!

EDIT: Actually, epic, I think you’re already on my friends list xD


“Five dreadwinds to the face”… dear god, I’m hyperventilating.

Honestly though, I’m all for this. To me, the kind of challenge you described define the best kind of video games, and I would love that out of Battleborn

Really? Huh. Sure, I’d love to play. I pretty much main supports and burst, with some Marquis and Mellka on the weekends, so with you as Monty and me as Miko we could pretty quickly set up the classic trio

I’m just glad it’ll be short lol. I only got through critical on KH2 by spending an hour or so learning Roxas by just walking to my death repeatedly (as usual, reflect spam)

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It’s all about that Ekko! (this is as far as this is derailing, just love to see some LoL love on here)

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Aaaand my all time favorite game. Ya’ll got good taste. Love this community

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Haha. 3 looks like it’ll wipe the floor with every other game I’ve ever played, but KH1 and 2 were some of the first games I ever played (young), along with melee and Ratchet. My tastes are still similar, just with more Gearbox and less Ratchet (their names are related. Conspiracy)