Anyone else just absolutely DESPISE the Jet fight?

Its not like the Bunker, which at least would park it once in a while so you could shoot back. THIS thing? NOPE, just flies around the entire time, too far out of reach to use powerful weapons, so i’m stuck just hiding in the elevator and occasionally taking a potshot with my sniper rifle. Can’t use any of my other weapons, cause its TOO DANG FAR AWAY. Sure it parks for about 2 seconds to start spamming laser bolts, but that doesn’t give me enough time to switch weapons or line up a shot or anything (thanks so much, auto-aim for making it a nightmare to aim for critical shots).

Playing the Baroness, and all I have on me is a jacobs sniper, a cryo Zim, a Moonface, a Stalker, a scav rocket, and a torgue pistol. And I don’t have time to fire more than a single shot before im getting absolutely SWARMED by guardians and dahl soldiers again.

It seems like their goal with this boss fight was "Lets make an absolutely unbalanced version of the Bunker fight! The enemy will never come within range, and there will still be swarms of enemies, but no allies to distract them to give you a breather!)

Getting on my nerves so much. My Aerelia build was just having no issues soloing, EXCEPT for this stupid thing. Same problem back when I was Nisha, or Jack.

Iwajira or the Sentinel are far easier than this thing, easily the hardest boss in the game to me.

Corrosive droog or pitchfork or bullpup or thinking, aim for the engine. BAM instagib

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Exactly what he said…

My baroness threw out her ice thing to distract the other guys and I had custom load and used the corrsive one on him. I did the same thing you did… hid in the elevator, but I would pop out and nail him with ny custom loaded corrosive jakobs sniper… I got lucky and killed him the fastest with her. I was just doing quick scope shots and I happened to nail both engines during it… took his health down really fast. I have read hitting his engines takes a huge chunk of life, but I could never figure out where they are.

My melee athena had the hardest time I tried meleeing him and died hardcore… went to the closest gun shop and he happened to sell a corrosive vladov sniper and I just pumped him full of sniper rounds.

I guess it should be obvious that a big flying robot is weak to acid, but since he didn’t have the yellow health bar I didn’t know smashing him to bits with ole clappy and my jack clone

The way I do the fight is constantly moving back and forth between the two jump pads on either side of the map. You take much less damage than trying to hide somewhere or moving on foot, and you can follow where BNK-3RII is going and hit it when it’s moving overhead or circling the arena with lasers.

Just make sure to kill any principal/sera guardians ASAP. You run into one of them midflight you drop straight down and it’s hell getting back to a pad.

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Generic version for non sniper builds that works on any class:

I was a bit disappointed that showdowns range didn’t reach him unless he was right on top of you doing that sweeping laser attack or rocket thing… I dunno… He didn’t make it to that phase with her. :smile: At level 28 a simple 152x2 corrosive hyperion pistol was more than enough…

So far I’ve just camped out on the centre platform, dodging behind the pillars when necessary, and raining corrosive goodness as much as possible. Lots of things to 2nd-wind off if needed. Just be aware of the range - some laser weapons won’t reach when RK-5 is circling outside the “arena”.

Heard ACK ACK corrosive Oz kit helps as well, but just lead the target like you would if your were in a dogfight, easy stuff right there. Love me some plane fighting Sims


Gameplay-wise it’s unfun, but what I CAN’T STAND is RK5’s dialogue. I know NPCs in BL are more often than not deliberately meant to be annoying, but it’s usually annoying in a good way. Hearing “I’ve got height on the enemy” and “Angel of death” and the worst (because you know you’re gonna be sitting there waiting for him to return) “You guys pound on him for awhile” and “Banks out. Hoorah.” over and over again is maddening.

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as per your second vid, I go in with a Hyperion Viral Marketer Corrosive and just trash him pretty quick

and as for the guardians and dahl soldiers, I wouldn’t call them a swarm, the toughest part about them is they attack from all angles , some even even sit across the map and take potshots at you

Yeah, as the others have said, once you figure this fight out, it becomes one of the better XP and loot farms in the game. I did several levels here between NVHM and TVHM, and the loot is awesome, if you farm Iwa for moonstones periodically to feed the chest.

Once you have it down he should be in his death animation before completing his first pass (at worst).

The rest of the fight with his minions after killing him is fun too.

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I actually was surprised how quick I took him down. I was running a sniper spec (and sad my little ice fairy wouldn’t attack the boss), but after dying pretty quick trying to snipe him down while running around, I pulled out a Jakob’s quad shotty and he went down extremely quick.

You may also try speccing into the middle tree, I did that for the sentinel fight and it is pretty damn powerful, with a bit more survivability. And a Jakob’s quad helps plenty :smiley:

Yeah, kind of. I’m surprised Gearbox hasn’t realized this. Gearbox, if the enemy is spending more time running away than actually fighting, it’s not a fun enemy. Especially if it can fly and most of my shots aren’t going to connect anyway.

At least the RMK-5 is slightly better than the normal jet fighters and does have attack patterns that can be recognized (just make sure to aim where it will be, not where it currently is). As for the parts where it’s off hiding, just kill about a dozen enemies on the ground and he re-emerges.

I don’t mind this fight. It actually seems easier solo than with people (scaling I guess). I’ll usually use either a corrosive: blaster, mining laser, or bullpup + Quasar or Storm Front grenades if the minions start bothering me (solo I usually take it down before the minions get started). My least favorite fight is the Sentinel (both normal & Invincible) – such a bullet sponge.

Last time I did this fight was on solo TVHM, and I’d just found a Hyperion corrosive SMG. Sucker didn’t even have time to hide before he went down. Be a while before I get to it in UVHM, but so far it’s only really been a problem the very first time when I had no corrosive weapons, didn’t know what to expect, and thought fire was the way to go.

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only time i had an issue was when i was under leveled or had poop gear. im the guy that just hangs out on the center platform shooting a bullpup or shreddifier at him. going solo is only slightly harder cuz a few enemies will jump up but otherwise any “easy fight” if you’re adequately lvld and have “decent” gear. i also have the mission flow down in my head so i know before hand when im going to fight him again and to get equiped!

Purple Mali corrosive blaster? That and a purple Hyperion corrosive rail gun are all I’ve used against it so far, and it goes down on the first pass before it gets out of sight. Step out of the elevator, wait for it, let Wolf loose and paint it with Wilhelm, and fire away as it parades by. See ya! Athena does OK too without her skill active (since that would mean no aiming). Seriously, this thing has never been a huge issue. Mopping up the soldiers and guardians afterward has given me more trouble than the boss.

We’re talking about the same thing, right? That flying boss machine in Vorago solitude, before Tycho’s Ribs?

The bosses seem to hide this information on purpose. I am not sure why. I don’t agree with the concept. Makes you pay attention to the word “resist” or not as it comes up. Makes you try different elements and/or guntypes until something starts working better. I suppose that’s interesting but I’d rather just know it based on the health bar like everything else.

And. Yea, corrosive hyperion gear does well here. I was going to say corrosive shotgun but if you notice, someone else said corrosive hyperion pistol and yet another person said corrosive hyperion smg.

Regarding lasers, I have tried blasters here and it’s decent. I definitely wouldn’t underestimate sniping here either.

Hiding in the elevator doesn’t work well because of some of his attacks. Unless you are off the ground in the elevator (there’s two little spots to step on).

What I usually do is run around and eventually, jump around. if I hang out up top in the middle then I definitely move when I know he’s about to dump something. Doesn’t always work that well though. So, constant movement seems safer. So I agree with using the two jumppads that shoot you across the width of the map.