Anyone else love the Tunguska?

Does anyone else actually think this is a good weapon?

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Yes I do
I’ve got a Siren with Acceleration or whatever that skill is called. Amazing

Interesting, never ever heard or seen anyone use that launcher on Siren. I love it because I use it on Krieg, he has the best synergy with it.

One of my favorite launchers. I use it in FFYL mostly.

Same, awesome for second winds, any OP.

OP8. My other fav is the Hive.

What character?

My main man, Axton.

I love it. The huge blast radius which can kill me on other side have just as high potential to deal damage to a lot of enemies with every shot. And with Sham equipped it just does that. I think that it’s one of most fun to use weapons in the game.

Fair, enough, he boosts it a lot too.

Couldn’t agree more bruh

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The Tunguska is the only launcher that I’ve ever left in a slot (as opposed to situationally slotting and then quickly unslotting) and used in a loadout. That is saying a lot, because I actually enjoy Topneas and the Mongol.

Favorite use:

Southpaw, final boss appearance. Thoughtlock the Assassin, then jump/shoot down into the group while they’re humping each other. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Also, just wanted to point out, the best place to get one of these things is Hayter’s Folly.
There is 4 chests there, those chests have the same, or higher drop rates as the the treasure room, and they have increased chances of Launchers.

Has any data been recorded to support the increased launcher chance from those chests? The reason I ask is that I’ve done many, many farming runs in HF, hitting those chests, and have never gotten a legendary or pearl. For that matter, I’ve rarely gotten launchers out of them. I got my Tunguska out of the Loot Train, which is guaranteed to yield 2 launchers.

No real proof, but after ~1000+ runs there, I am 98% sure that those chests have the second highest Launcher rates in the game (Hero’s pass is the highest).
I am excluding the loot train, as I have no experience with it at all, also by the time you open it, I can do 3 runs of Hayter’s Folly, this means 12 chests.

If you’re talking about the HF run where you kill the two mini bosses, pop the red chests at their area, then go get the secret chests under the bluff, I would be curious to get times. I’ve never timed the run, but I’ve done it many times with Maya and Axton. It feels longer than the loot train run, but feelings don’t always line up with the clock.

I’ve timed loot train runs at an easy to hit 4 minutes with Axton or Maya, and can cut it under 3.5 mins with Maya if I push the pace.

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from marcus shop to chests opening on the train took me 2:35.

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If takes you longer than 4 minutes per run to get to the loot train, you’re doing it wrong. Most of the time it takes me 3 to 3.5, tops. Sometimes less. To say the Hayter’s Folly run can be done in less than a minute seems a bit hyperbolic.

I love the Tunguska, by the way. It’s in my top favorite launchers list for sure. The only reason I don’t use it all the time is the high chance of downing myself with it in certain areas.

At OP8 it typically takes me between 3:00 - 3:30 minutes to do the Loot Train run (as Maya) and a little less time if I skip checking the convenient (aka not out of the way) Bullymong piles. Also, the Loot Train always contains 2 Rocket Launchers. It also always contains 4 Grenade Mods. Additionally, the Loot Train is a very good source for acquiring the Topneaa Rocket Launcher and even other E-Tech launchers. So unless Hayter’s Folly and / or Hero’s Pass has more than 2 guaranteed Rocket Launchers, then your best source for Rocket Launcher farming (and likely Grenade Mod farming) is the Loot Train.

But more OT, I don’t really use the Tunguska as Maya (or any RL really, except for certain situations) but could see it being more useful for Krieg, Axton or maybe even Salvador.

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Yeah, I also agree that two guaranteed launcher drops sounds a lot better than the possibility of getting a launcher if RNG is feeling particularly generous that day. I got so many Topneaas, Pyrophobias, Nukems and Tunguskas from the train. Hayter’s Folly could certainly be a good source for random legendary and pearlescent launchers, but I have my doubts that it’s a more efficient one than the loot train.

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