Anyone else mad about the sale?

I understand they need to do something to get more players but it feels like a middle finger to everyone that bought the game a full price in the last few weeks.

Meh, sure it kinda sucks I paid $75 for what is now a $45 game, but honestly, I just want more people to join the community and enjoy the game.



I look forward to the influx of players.


I have no problem with it. It’s no different than anything else you buy and it goes on sale. You go buy a car and then you find out they are doing some sort of event 3-4 weeks later, are you going to go back and demand they compensate you fro the difference in what you paid?

And when I say ‘You’ I don’t mean the OP, but people in general.

I can see how this can be a bummer to people but it doesn’t bother me at all. It will be nice as it will help strengthen the community and grow in numbers (hopefully). Additionally by paying the full price earlier you’ve had all this time to enjoy the game, get experience and hopefully, have some fun.

Just my opinion.

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