Anyone else missing collected head skins!?

Got the three dlc downloads for my Xbox one. Been going through the different worlds, first the handsome jack casino, then the wild west world, now I’m Xylourgos. I have been picking up head skins from each one of those amazing new maps but not once did I check them out in the customized menu until I reahed Xylourgos. To my surprise all those skins I picked up are not showing up in the menus.

Are you sure they were for your Vault Hunter?

I assumed as soon as you pick one up they work for all the characters. I don’t see a spot that says they are character exclusive.

There is an info on the item card like Siren skin etc.

Crap well if this is the case, I’m gonna feel pretty damn stupid. Now I just need to find another head skin and pick it up and see.

Just checked, it doesn’t say that the head is exclusive to one set character. It states as “eyes on target. Gunner head. Unlocks this head for the Quick-Change system when used from inside your inventory.”

That’s Moze head. Gunner is a class, you can find Gunner/Siren/Operative/Beastmaster.