Anyone else not get the GLT side mission achievement?

I just completed all the side missions, 18/17, and have all the crew challenges done but no achievement popped on Xbox. Do I need the echos too or is this just a bug?

Did you get the Hunter achievement for the rare spawn kills off the posters in the Lodge?

There’s also the secret achievement, involving Deathtrap. That’s VERY easy to miss!

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I got that achievement, but apparently it changed to not needing the missions for it to pop. Guess I’ll try the bounty missions and see if that helps.

I’m stuck in the secret achievement because I didn’t know about it and farming the negul neshai boss for it is taking a while.

I’m pretty sure nobody who didn’t know about it beforehand got it the first time through. I had to do it with a second VH and worked at it from the very first encounter.

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