Anyone else not touch this trash since last week?

Anyone else waiting for the game to be good again? Ive never seen a game go from great to well thats a bit stupid to absolutely bad so fast in my life. What are your plans for this garbage are you gonna wait it out like me?

you sure you are on the right forum bud?

Definitely have you seen the general disappointment in GB awful nerfing spree? I see it everywhere i look man

i for one could not wait for weekend and now that my saturday teambulding is over i will play a day and a half that i have free. we don miss you, byeee. :slight_smile:


Always talking about trash are we?

Sadly it is. At launch it was fantastic i couldnt get enough a ran to TVHM and then had a blast farming on mayhem 3 TVHM. But now its just a heap of hot trash.

Congratz man im not saying dont have fun im just saying as is now its terrible if you enjoy the game go crazy. Im saying launch was better

i think its the best borderlands game ever, opinions are opinions. Are you trying to be interesting?

Not at all im trying to express my disappointment in what i do argee was THE best BL game at launch. But after all this its the worse for me so far i went back to BL 2 and TPS instead of 3.

I donā€™t see this going anywhere positive.