Anyone else notice Anarchy stacking faster post-update?

I went to Pete’s bar earlier to pre-stack some anarchy. My max is 400, and normally it takes 4-5 trips to get there. But this last time it only took two trips. I finished with 245 stacks after one run through the bar (not using the mission, just shamfleeting) and before I was halfway through the second run, I was at my max of 400.

Not complaining, just curious.

I just did rounds 2-4 of Bandit Slaughter and hit 400 before the 5th started- but I do have Typecast Iconoclast maxed…

Same. I don’t use the COM to take it over 400, I’m also on THC, but that shouldn’t matter. I’ve consistently been able to reach 400 in 2 rounds of the bar (again, not doing the mission, just running in and killing) since the Oct 29th update.