Anyone else notice super fast queues today for PVP?

Every game today was 30-90 second queue times. I also noticed very low Command level players were being queued with most of the regular CR 100 PVPers. Was ELO matching turned off? Or was something else done server side to improve the times? Either way, this is a great sign and I already had Steam friends come back to play when they heard about the times.

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Since launch I’ve had some trouble finding enemy teams - I’ll constantly find teammates but the queue gets stuck after four people have been found. Recently I’ve been sitting in queue for hours, at worst. During peak times my queue times were still rather long. When I did find matches they were generally unbalanced.

Yesterday I rolled up in a premade and suddenly queue times were significantly faster (under 1 minute) and matches felt a lot more balanced and intense, ending barely before timeout. I sat in queue with these people for a good while before we decided to team up, too.

Made me wonder how exactly the matchmaking works, especially for solo queuers.

Yes yes yes. I certainly have. Gone down from 25min+ to around 3mins. I have also noticed being paired against super low levels (like 8-10…). Maybe they have turned off ELO.

Could also be because I lost a string of games harddd the other night and probably dropped ELO.

All solo queue.

I noticed this too. I’ve never seen as much variety in CRs as I have today.

Yeah, pretty sure ELO restrictions have either been reduced drastically or disabled entirely. Think they got tired ot all the “Taking me half hour to find a match!” posts everywhere…

I noticed this yesterday and there were more low lvl players but no team was uneven both teams usually had the same amount of low lvl players, which in turn made the games more interesting, except when you run into pre mades lol