Anyone else notice the claptrps in Jack's office?

Listen to their lines very carefully and tell me they don’t describe this game and fanbase perfectly.

1)And…falling out of the map.
2)I’m sorry, I can only respond to Hyperion gold members.
3)Just add a 1/10 second delay. That fixes everything.
4)I’m sick of all the foul language around here.
5)****, ship it.
6)Alright, all the missions are numbered, now lets order them.
7)Bugs?! Not in my beautiful code!
8)What should I name this file?Ah screw it, no one will see it anyway.
9) I’m blocked by that other claptrap over there.
10)This is probably fixed. Someone else will test it anyway.
11) More like memelands 2…
12)Invalid…I’ve decided that’s a feature.
13)Won’t fix, won’t fix, won’t fix, gosh, this is easy!

Tell me that doesn’t remind you of every time they fixed something, or any time a bug is brought up, those wonderful gameplay bugs like DT blocking your partner in FFYL, etc…

It’s hilarious now that I realize this.


Yep - posted about that a while ago (possibly on the old boards?) My favourite is definitely the Memelands one… would love to get that on a T-shirt!

Clearly those CL4Ps are the GB/2kAUs dev team and/or customer service department.

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I love this kind of easter eggs :smiley: Wish there was more somewhere.
I know it’s off topic, but is there anything like New Heaven secret room in TPS? My personal guess is no, but… :sunglasses:

Its a secret.

Yeah, I poked them a bunch too. I cracked up on memelands the most.

…holy hell

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Unholy Necro!