Anyone else notice the delay on Temporal Distorsion?

When you activate the AOE there is about a 1 second delay before the AOE actually takes effect, its litterally the only charged AOE in the game and its not in the stats about there being this delay.
I also remember when the delay didnt exist, but I cant remember the last time the delay existed.

Is this a bug, a nerf?

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Been like that since release or beta, one of the two, personally I don’t mind it

It naturally has a slow, lasts for 6 seconds and can be enhanced with helixes. At level 1 you can get Waste makes Haste to grant movement speed to allies . At level 4 you can get either damage over time, or a larger AoE, the damage isn’t much but it can be enough to make enemies not want to go in it and can finish off escaping enemies if timed right. At level 6 you get the option to get a longer cast range. At level 9 you choose between increased duration or great slow, and the slow will make the enemy too slow to get away and leave them open to critical hits. Most AoEs aren’t as good as Marquis’ the short delay acts kinda like a nerf since it has a few ways to be useful.

You can use it to help allies escape, or to prevent and enemies escape. Slow down the enemy minions giving you time to kill them before they reach the objective, or speed up or minions to get them on their way. You can use it to protect yourself when an enemy gets close, or use it to slow down an enemy making them easy prey (Pun intended). People see temporal as a simple slow but it has more diversity than that with it’s helix choices.

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No I meant a delay in the activation, like when you click to activate the AOE, it takes a little more then a second for the AOE to show up and take effect.

Yeah, I personally dislike it. It makes fleeing and placing bubbles very prediction based, and means that if it lasts 6 seconds, only 5 seconds do anything. I find Marquis the worst sniper currently, and wish he had more damage, or mag size, or attack speed.

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That’s what I’m talking about, it has multiple ways to be useful and can be extremely handle in multiple situations and that short delay kinda balances it out

That’s why I put this in here :stuck_out_tongue:

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try playing with my latency dave XD
takes several seconds for stuff to pop up lol

My life is 400+ ping :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont have a number on mine, all i know is i can make bullets come out of guns sideways XD

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