Anyone else randomly experience longer than usual boss fights?

Example: I fight The Rampager. Kill him in literally a minute or two. Log out. Log back in. Same exact gun, same exact gear and it’s like I’m not doing nearly the same amount of damage. The same fight I just did in 1-2 minutes lasts 8-10 suddenly.

Some sort of bug or wtf?

Mayhem modifiers maybe?

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Mayhem 2 is all I have been playing at for weeks.

sounds like its the mh mods like he said a good mod roll u can kill things almost instantly bad roll might take a min

Yeah just when you notice it again check out your modifiers even on M2 those can stack up against you and ruin the experience…

I feel dumb now as I literally had no idea they changed randomly.

It’s the modifiers not what mayhem mode if you look at your map in the area you fight the boss you will age the modifiers. Those modifiers are random so you may get some that help with your dps and some that worsen it.