Anyone else see this weirdness in the lost loot machine?

On most of my characters on Xbox, PS4 and Epic the lost loot machine works as expected, you get back to Sanctuary and it’s full of purple and blue stuff I chose not to pick up.

But on this one Siren on Xbox I’m playing at this very moment it just doesn’t do anything. The front panel display is always dark, there is nothing indicated as being in there. I’ve deliberately left stuff on the ground to test it, and nuthin’.

8 characters on Xbox, 7 of them the lost loot works fine. This one, nope. Very weird, there’s nothing obvious different, and she’s up at lvl 26 now so it’s not as if she’s too early on.

Anyone else have this happen? Just wondering.

I think it’s because the game’s loot setting has to be set to “Cooperation” instead of “Coopetition”. If you switch it, it should work fine.

That was it @mikewish1 , thanks.
But the bizarre thing is I don’t remember ever changing this. I never play with others, so I’ve never had a reason to change this setting, and it’s in a place I would never normally go.

Mystery solved, but how it got that way I haven’t a clue.

What’s weird is when you’re playing with someone else and you go back to Sanctuary and all the loot from the machine is level 1.

When you start new game you need to choose the mode, probably there.

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