Anyone else seen a skag try and eat a grenade?

Had to capture this as i had never seen it before and kinda blew my mind a wee bit :thinking:


Yes, that’s their regular behavior.

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First time that i have seen this in well over a thousand hours in bl3. Hadnt seen it mentioned anywhere either.

Grenades are apparently skaggy snacks…


I have never seen that in all my time playing, it may be because I’m a Zane main and I usually don’t even pay attention to what the drone drops out. My nephew and I just started a couple fresh characters so I’ll be on the lookout from now on.

Good find I’ve Never seen This after 8+ characters…

It’s one of their “attacks” - they’ll play fetch with the grenade, and come running back at you with it while the fuse is still ticking. In your video, you kill it before it came running back at you). I think only certain Skag types do it though (and I think I’ve seen them do it with a Tediore reload, but I might be thinking of those Psychos with the baseball bats).

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Nope, Psycho can baseball any delivery (not sure about Hyperion).

And iirc, skags can catch Hyperion grenades.

Posted some similar shots a few weeks back. Not only will Skags catch a grenade, they’ll also play fetch with it.

Here’s a link to the video of the skag returning the grenade:

Probably been too long for me to remember. My grenades are cloning hunter seekers. So they aren’t quite there for them to chase. But explode from the grenade shots, yes.

I don’t think it’s guaranteed, but definitely a normal behavior. I’ve only seen it a few times, maybe half a dozen or so, in all my playthroughs. Its really cool though. Just one of those great improvements over previous games, which are easily missed and overshadowed by other issues. But when you see it, it’s great.