Anyone else severely disappointed that Angel was not the last playable character for presequel?

Kinda upset the new character wasn’t Angel. There has been a playable Siren in each game and i know everyone wanted to play her. Instead we get someone with no story influence or impact or importance of any kind. Not to mention, aesthetically not that impressive. Kinda not even getting where a “baroness” would fit anyways. I’m not even personally a fan of Hammerlock anyways, in fact he probably was my second least favorite reoccurring character in the series, so my interest in playing his sister is null. I’m sure that could be different for many people though. Anyone want to weigh in on the character reveal?

Im not upset one bit

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Don’t really care, I was never really huge on sirens anyway.

tbh I’m more disappointed at how TPS kind of neglects corrosive. Too few armored enemies atm, and no corrosive-focused tree like CS, Boomtrap and Cold Money.

Looking forward to Aurelia though. Cold Money looks like a blast judging from the leaked skill trees from a while back (although it’s likely changed quite a bit since then).

Yea it sucks a little that corrosive doesnt play to big of a role. But the cyro element more than makes up for that

Hell no. Angel was my least favorite story NPC and that’s saying a lot because I love Claptrap. Anyway, there’s no way Jack would have released her from her confinement and risked her life searching for the Vault. I’ll be a very happy gamer if she isn’t even mentioned in BL 3.

Cryo isn’t green, therefore it doesn’t more than make up for it.

On a serious note, the usefulness of a lot of gear (and quite a few uniques: Blowfly, Viral Marketer etc.) is limited greatly because of how situational corrosive is. Venom Bolts and to a lesser extent Lean On Me are hurt by it as well.

Yea i wont lie i really wish i had more armored targets to try the globber out on. I cant even test it to well and it seems like such a cool weapon.

Lets keep on the subject of character selection as opposed to weapon/combat game play as i am sure as there are many other threads dedicated solely to that. Yes the fact the new character does have an elemental dedicated tree is a nice addition as it is not that common.

Try the globber on the RK5 lol.

Lol yea that would be pretty funny

Thank you for your opinion.

I personally want Angel to stay NPC, I like Hammerlock and I think Aurelia could be an interesting character to add to the series, she seems like a female, more sadistic version of Mord’ to me. At this stage we don’t know much about her and should atleast stay open minded

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And this.

So as an answer to the OP : no.

Angel being playable wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. For one that would of put her in danger which Jack wouldn’t abide by. He may be psychotic, but he does care for her in his own way. And for all we know Jack could have her restrained somewhere on Helios. Secondly, you meet Lilith and Roland in TPS, in BL2 they didn’t know that Angel was a Siren, they thought she was an AI. So yeah, Angel being playable would of screwed up the story quite a bit. It does kind of suck that there wasn’t a Siren this time around, but they really didn’t have a choice. Jack states in BL2 that there can be only 6 Sirens in existence at a time and he knew of 3 of them, 2 of which being Angel and Lilith, the third being either Steele or Maya. Either way, adding in a Siren in TPS would of conflicted with that echo log.


I think it’s good that she is new and not from either of the two games because at the end of BL2 it shows that HUGE map of all the vaults and at the end of TPS the Guardian states “War is coming, you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get” which in my opinion it’s a good thing they made brought her in ‘from thin air’ because they can do so much more with that

You make a good point about Roland and lilith not knowing she wasn’t AI yet. I had forgot about that.

I still doubtful I’d enjoy playing Aurelia tho. It’s not often I disregard a character and i have certainly enjoyed new from thin air dlc characters before. I loved jacks doppleganger and gaige from bds2. While I didn’t enjoy the playstyle of krieg, as a character he was fantastic. but after a lackluster wilheim and barely forcing myself to struggle and grit through a play through as claptrap …so annoying, lets just say I’m more skeptical about this character.

I wasn’t, but I thought the picture of Angel on Jack’s desk was a good bit of characterization, showing that even if he is delusional to it, he does genuinely care for Angel despite all his exploitations of her.

I’m severely disappointed with the fact that she didn’t appeared at all! Just a picture in Jack’s desk. ¬¬

She was in the echo logs about Wilhelm, Nisha, Athena, and Claptrap. and what @Arkzus said it wouldn’t make sense if she was in game

I think aurelia is basically a playable hammerlock. She’s a sniper, money(he doesn’t flaunt it though). And the servants are his monsters/trophies.