Anyone else still experiencing crashes?

So I have all of the patches and hot fixes installed and I’m still getting complete system crashes where the entire game/my entire PS3 completely locks up and I have to turn the power off and on again to get the console/game out of the crashed state. It doesn’t happen often, in fact it only happens once in a while, but I thought after the billions of patches they released for this game that these crashing issues would have been fixed by now.

The game pushes the older consoles really hard at times, especially when there are lots of effects and enemies in the mix. Some of the maps are worse than others for this - Washburne Refinery in particular is pretty notorious, largely because of all the objects and walls. All you can really do is give the console a rest periodically!

It’s even worse in the Presequel though - thought my 360 was going to spontaneously combust last night fighting the invincible sentinel!

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I am now convinced the latest patch for this game screwed something up. On the previous patch I logged many hours into the game. I even completed the entire main game on Normal Vault Hunter Mode, including all the side quests. I’m not sure how many hours I logged into the game back then, but it was a lot. In all that time I only ever had one crash. That’s it. Just one.

Now, with the latest patch installed my game seems to crash every three to four hours. This only started happening once I started with the latest patch installed. That is why I think the new patch is to blame. Something is very wrong with the latest patch, and the constant crashes are really starting to annoy me to be honest.

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In my experience, the latest patch does not cause lots of crashes, but then I’m also on 360 not PS3! I know there are some issues on PS4 since the last PSN update, although I don’t know if that’s affecting PS3 players. (The symptoms are network disconnects and inability to join on-line games at busy times, particularly weekends.)

Before you blame either the game or PSN, though, you might want to examine your game disk. In my experience, most crashes in single-player are a result of degradation of the physical game media. (I’m now on my third physical BL2 disk :anguished:) If you can, you might want to install the game on your system’s hard drive and see if that helps.

I have the digital version of the game. And, as I said, the game ran perfectly fine on the previous patch. Only one crash in over 40 hours of gameplay. Now I have the latest patch installed and I’m constantly getting system crashes.

I’m not sure how the numbering for the patches work, but on the PS3 the most recent patch is labelled as version 1.15. Before that I was playing the game on version 1.09, which was the patch before the 1.15 patch I believe. On 1.09 I had no issues at all. But on 1.15 my game keeps crashing every few hours. The crashes happen very suddenly and without any kind of warning. The entire system just completely freezes suddenly.

I have over 50 games. Some of them are digital and some of them are physical disc. Borderlands 2 is the only game I’m having this issue with, and only since the latest patch.

This might be 101 to most, but humor me on something relative. What within the game (and across all consoles) can cause lag>disconnect from online co-op?

If you’re asking about the PS4 issue I referred to above, the answer is not currently known but seems to be related to the level of PSN network traffic.

In that case, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket. As I said, there was a PSN update somewhere around the time of the last game update, and the combination seems to have been problematic.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:7, topic:1313093”]If you’re asking about the PS4 issue I referred to above, the answer is not currently known but seems to be related to the level of PSN network traffic.[/quote]PS3 specifically, but all consoles in general.

I have the digital download version on ps3 and the only time it crashes is when I’m playing 4-player op8. 3-player works fine throw in another with a explosive or another build that has a lot going on and my game slows to a crawl. But getting it to crash is pretty hard for me. (4 sals with double up and storms fronts vs vorac)

There’s two things I’ve seen, at opposite ends of the spectrum. On one end, when you have on-line co-op and lots of particle effects, textures, objects, etc. all exploding on-screen, the console can struggle to keep up with the graphics. Your frame rate drops to the basement and things get very choppy. At that point, if some data being transferred between the various players via the network gets interrupted, over-written by new data arriving while the system is struggling to render what it already had, or otherwise gets corrupted, you have prime conditions for a system freeze.

The other thing that can happen is if an individual player’s network connection gets choked with traffic (maybe they’re not the only one in the house using it, maybe the network servers are under heavy load and connections keep timing out or data packets keep getting dropped as a result) then the various connected systems might simply disconnect due to an unreliable connection.

On competitive multiplayer games like CoD and BF, you also get the cheaters who figure out an opponent’s IP address and then use a DDoS-on-demand service to knock that player off-line. Fortunately that’s not likely in BL2/TPS because it’s co-operative not competitive, but there have still been plenty of instances where goon squads have DDoS’ed the entire PSN or XBL network at peak periods.

The problem in debugging these issues (such as the one that was preventing XB1 players connecting for a long time) is that the cause could lie in a number of complex, interacting systems. There’s the game code itself, the game engine that it runs in, the operating system on the console, and then the network side of things (both PSN/XBL and individual’s ISPs/routers)

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@VaultHunter101 Much appreciated, but I’d like to know if this can specifically include a Bee combo involving a Tattler or Lascaux? Was running the other day, and noticing lag after long bursts, so I swapped to the Sham and something else just to be safe.

I’d suspect that the sheer number and rate of projectiles from the Lascaux could be an issue; I don’t know enough about the Tattler to comment. Add the amp effect to each projectile and you’ve got a lot going on - especially if you’ve also got ricochet and elemental effects in an area with a lot of objects. That would definitely cause lag (especially in multiplayer) although I’m not sure it would freeze/crash your system in solo play.

One thing you can do to preserve your progress between save points is to turn your BAR off in your inventory, close then re-open your inventory, and turn BAR back on again: this should trigger a save. (It does in TPS at least; haven’t tried it in BL2 but it’s the same game engine so it should work.)

You have to keep in mind that when playing online all bets are off. While playing online the game’s performance can be hampered by any number of things. such as:

#01: -Your Internet connection-
Are you using wireless Internet? If so then you will experience some problems. Wireless Internet pales in comparison to wired Internet for gaming purposes. Are you or someone else in your household busy downloading stuff or surfing the web while you are busy playing? If so then that will most certainly cause issues. What is your Internet speed? What is your download speed? Your upload speed? For both the higher the better.

#02: -The Internet connection of the people you are playing with-
If the people you are playing with have crappy Internet then you will experience performance problems while playing with them. Also, the farther away the people you are playing with are the more likely it will be that you will experience lag when playing with them. Ideally you want to stick to playing with people who are on wired connections, are in the same country as you, has a download speed of at least 4Mbps and a upload speed of at least 512kbps. However, this is not always possible, because lots of people don’t like to give out their information to strangers over the web and so you can’t always find out if the people you are playing with have the minimum recommend specs. And FYI you can’t trust the game’s detection of each player’s connection. Those green bars mean nothing. I’ve seen plenty of games that give false/inaccurate readings.

#03: -The online service you are using-
(In the case of the PlayStation 3 and 4 this would be PSN.) Unfortunately in its current state PSN is complete bullcrap. I owned a Xbox 360 for many years before I switched over to PS3, (because I got tired of the ridiculously high failure rate of the X360), so after having to replace my X360 five times due to RRoD I switched over to PS3 and have never had my PS3 die on me. Anyway, the one thing that I can tell you is that XBL performs way WAY better than PSN. Over 90% of all multiplatform games run significantly better on XBL than PSN. The website eurogamer with their digitalfoundry partners even did a test/investigation into PSN and found that PSN under-performs and is much slower than XBL (or any other online service for that matter.) So in other words playing games online on PSN is unfortunately going to have some performance issues most of the time.

#04: -This might sound strange, but don’t use a mic-
Due to SONY not thinking past their own noses while designing the PS3 they “forgot” to properly implement certain features into the console. Technically the PS3 doesn’t really have enough power/resources/RAM to handle both online gaming and voice chat at the same time. Because of this whenever you play any game online there will be a difference in performance if anyone in the game is using a mic. For best online performance on the PS3 it is recommended that nobody in the game use a mic.

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  1. When I play, I trickle everything if anything needs to go; otherwise, it goes off.
  2. “Those green bars mean nothing.” Indeed. I frequently find that a fully green bar has an oddly disproportionate disconnect rate compared to those with fewer bars.
  3. Ah, noted.
  4. Then it’s a good thing I can’t because I don’t have one. While messaging via PSN can be done, it’s hella slow – so I compensate: Non-verbal communication in place of a mic?

Did not know about your point #4 - good info.

Same here, and all my friends still playing BL2 on PS3 have the same freeze issues since the last patch.

I don’t play BL2 anymore just because of that :sweat:

Same freeze issues for me since the latest patch. 2 players on Southern Shelf, normal mod, freeze during boom-boom fight.
I wanted play BL2 but i can’t anymore because of that too.
I’m on PS3

Hi guys,

I have removed all my games and all my saves (not without saving them on USB Key before, of course) and then I did a reset of my PS3 by formating the DD.

I have reinstalled all my saves and only 2 games.

And guess what ?

I’m still experiencing multi freezes in coop mode (2 players), in battle or not.

I’m so disappointed… :sweat:

Sadly it’s not just the co-op that freezes. Yesterday I was playing alone and my game froze a mere 2 hours into the session.

I know for a fact that it’s not my console that is faulty. I just did a 9-hour nonstop session of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and had no crashes at all. I also constantly play Alien: Isolation and Mass Effect 3 for extremely long periods of time nonstop with no problems at all. But the moment I play Borderlands 2 I get crashes completely randomly. Sometimes I can play for 4 hours before the game crashes and sometimes it crashes a mere 30 minutes after booting up. I would also like to note that I never had this issue with the previous patch. Clearly something got screwed up with the latest patch.

I am sure a lot of people, (myself included), would appreciate it if Gearbox could look into this problem. So to anyone and everyone experiencing crashes with the game on PS3 (or any platform for that matter) do what you can to bring this situation to Gearbox’s attention. Post in the forums, hit them up on twitter, facebook, and other social media. Post videos of this issue on youtube. If we can bring enough attention to this problem then perhaps Gearbox will stop ignoring us and actually try to fix this. I know the game is way past its time by now, but these constant crashes are making the game unplayable. At first the crashes weren’t happening all that often, but the more I play the more frequent these crashes become for some reason. It’s gotten so bad now that 1 out of every 3 sessions I play crashes at some point.

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And file a support ticket.