Anyone else still getting stopped by stuck enemies? (Particularly The Renegade)

It’s way less common now in the game as a whole, but it seems like every time I play The Renegade there’s always at least one wave that gets stuck at the first defense point that is unreachable and unkillable. Anyone else getting this?

[quote=“pitaniellom, post:1, topic:1541110, full:true”]Anyone else getting this?

Yeah, still happens to me on a reasonably regular basis; it also happens on Sentinel (the elevator). Lovely little clipping issues.

Thankfully, the devs already provided a solution for it (since I’m pretty sure it’s an engine thing and not something on their end) so that, if you wait a few minutes, the wave/elevator will continue on.

I played through the Renegade with Jythri when this happened, before they added in the solution for it and we discussed it as it happened. They were already aware of it and putting in a solution.

I know what you mean, end even know the exact spot that it’s probably happening in. If it’s the spot I’m thinking of, there’s a hollow inside the rocks that has a small hole in it that you MIGHT be able to fire into. I usually have one get stuck under the stairs at the end of The Renegade too, and usually have people get stuck in the walls during The Sentinel. As annoying as it is, I AM glad that they have a system in place for when this happens instead of it just being game over.

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It does still happen and as mentioned if you wait it clears.
Side note, Alani and Thorn can damage them thru the brushwork.
Alani can also burst Shard clusters through the protective shield.

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Had luck with Orendi hitting the one stuck behind the small opening. As the poster said, they disappear after a few minutes so you can’t be stuck for long.

Never happened on Renegade to me, but happened a few times in the Sentinel elevator.

Patience unfotunately. You just wait and the enemy will eventually unspawn and continue the waves.

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Yup. First time I had two Evolved Thrall stuck behind that corner wall at the first defense, I just let it ride a minute or two. Suddenly, “WAVE COMPLETE”. K.

I haven’t yet seen it not works somewhere, though I’m sure there’s a way.

FWIW, on that same stuck spot on the first defense, you can usually see their legs under the wall. I’ll try to find an image of it. And you can hit their legs with ranged attacks. So you CAN kill the wave in some cases. :wink: