Anyone else super happy the stupid Halloween green and red ghost are finally gone?

If this topic is somewhere else on this site, sorry for my new topic but I’m not gonna search to see if this topic has already been discussed, and I know how 4N4L and pissed off the moderators get about similar topics being posted in different threads, but I don’t have all the time in the world to go looking…so here it goes…

Man I’m glad that stupid Halloween ghost popping out of dead enemies has FINALLY ENDED! Nothing more annoying than clearing many enemy minions to concentrate on the Badass Tink, Shielded Armored Rocket launcher enemies or Anointed Badass enemy with the advantage and weapon ready to go, and then you have to stop because the stupid low level psycho you just one shotted spewed out an annoying green ghost that will follow you through walls crashing into you, causing your ready Ice Butcher to have the world’s worst recoil muzzle flip which means you can’t freeze the badass enemies and you either have to run for until the affect wears off, or DIE since the badass enemies threw like 50 bombs and rockets while you were aiming for the stupid ghost!!

And the red ghost were even WORST! They shot some red crap at you that slowed with freezing affect or gave you the high flipping horrible accuracy status affect. THEN, to add a rotten stink bomb cherry on the crap cake, the ghost seem to have an opposite “aim assisting” affect, it’s like my target crosshairs were being magnetically pushed away or my 8 level aim sensitivity dropped significantly to 1 when I would aim to shoot them.

The Mayhem 3 wasn’t really a problem with the ghost, but damn it was freaking annoying!..Not as annoying as Ava though, if I had a choice of bringing back the ghost permanently and completely erasing Ava from the game and story, I would totally be happy with that, it’s worth the trade!

Gearbox, WTF were you thinking when you added that sh!t Halloween ghosts to the enemies? Did you think Ava wasn’t annoying enough?


Me me me me me!


Lol… yeah, a lot of people. Check out that thread linked above. It was getting pretty old.

I’m not so happy about the apparent drop rate now of anointed weapons. Those gold ghosts were great.

But they only dropped terror stuff. Making you feel like you were getting good drop rates. Now that it’s gone we see how crappy the rates have gotten lately. Very crappy.


Fair point. Terror is ok for health regen on FL4K. But the noise grates after a while. Esp with the melee anointment on the Facepuncher.

In Borderlands 2 when farming for an Unkempt
Harold- within like 5-10 runs you started to see variants of that weapon - most of them hugely useful even if not the DPUH…

Now it seems instead of variants of a gun, you just have a loot table that’s a mile long, with very little chance of the actual gun you are looking for, let alone variants dropping…

It’s starting to make farming quite unpleasant - no matter if you do it by mobbing or specific bosses…Because you just spend too many hours sorting through stuff you don’t particularly want, but might do - just in case the guns you do find are ok.

But more often than not they are just copies of weapons you saw in the last 200hrs of play/inventory management…

It’s no joke.

What is a joke is that the vending machines don’t seem to scale with the difficulty settings…

I’ll miss the bonus loot bubbles. Though at least the game cant taunt my by having a gold aura pippie running around sanctuary…

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The game is also taunting by leaving Heck in the fast travel list. :rofl:

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Hahaha it is still on the list? Didn’t even notice that.

Anyway, I’m kinda glad it’s finished too. Especially when doing Slaughter Shaft they were annoying. Constantly getting slowed, while being barraged by rockets from the Zealots was getting old.

I just hope they learned some lessons from this event.

  1. It’s duration is way too long, 2-3 weeks tops would be fine.
  2. Turn on/of button or whatever they come up with, wich I highly suspect they will do next time.
  3. Turn down the drops on the terror annoints a tad, cause it messed up the drop rate on regular annoints.
  4. Turn down the sound and visual effects when terrorised a bit (read alot :smiley: ).
  5. Don’t make it overlap with other events, like with the anniversary event this year.

On the topic of annoints though, I have to admit, some of the terror annoints are freaking bonkers. Still rocking one of my Amara’s with a terror build, and will probably keep it. Also the Ghast Call is one heck of a grenade, especially the Vindicator one!

I do kinda miss the gold ghost though and their loot showers. Farming Voracious Canipy for hours was fun and pretty rewarding.

Edit: added a 5th point

Every worthy weapon those gold ghost dropped, I already have. So to me those gold ghost were pretty much useless.

I don’t think the duration was bad. I think the real issue was the timeframe itself. I feel like it should have ran oct 1-31 and maybe had some ghost spawn explosion on the 31st as a finale. Then we could have hunted turkeys all November.