Anyone else think Bloody Harvest is extremely irrititating?

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Anyone else here who is seriously annoyed by the bloody harvest event? I’ve beaten it like three times and at this point I just want to play the normal game without all these dumb ghosts and new mechanics to contend with. The base game is so fun and this is seriously ruining my experience… I know everyone keeps saying “go offline” to avoid all the stupid bs that comes with this content but I dont want to play offline just so that I will not have to deal with an irritating, irrefutable extra content that gearbox foists upon every player. Can anyone comment on whether or not there is another way to avoid this without having to sacrifice online playing ability/whether gearbox is actually trying to develop a way to get around this dumb seasonal content? I really, really love this game but do not want to have to deal with this rancid crap until December.

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