Anyone else think Maliwan weapons suck now?

What are peoples thoughts? I find myself dying when I forget to let go of the mouse (gun won’t shoot until you release the fire button). Might be just me but I preferred the older style.


Thats one type of Maliwan weapons. Others just need a charge and shoot normally.

I agree with some of the weapons, the SMG’s are still pretty boss in my opinion, but i’ve had a lot of trouble with the Maliwan Shotguns & Sniper Rifles. I find that the return for charging the weapon isn’t really great enough to consider it over other weapons.


I play on PS4, so the mechanics of using dual analog over keyboard + mouse probably won’t carry over in your case.

I had a bit of apprehension when review videos were complaing about this new charge feature. However, I’ve played with a few different Maliwan weapons, and I’m pretty happy with them.

Melter pistols, for example, are semi-automatic, so they don’t need a charge up to operate, though charging does increase damage, splash radius, and other stuff. Blaster and Atomizer pistols require some charge, but are full-auto once the charge is done. There’s a shotgun (don’t know the name) that operates as described in the first post, which also describe some of their sniper rifles.

Some Maliwan types will work for your playstyle/Vault Hunter, while others will not. For example, I’m not fond of using Atomizer pistols on my Moze because those pistols don’t have splash damage, whereas my current Moze build relies a lot on splash.


I’ve got a maliwan terminator shotgun and and it’s been go to for mini bosses. The shockwaves…not so much.

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Sporting a Maliwan Incendiary shotty atm that’s wrecking everything. Yes there’s the charge time but it feels kind of great to hold the trigger then release a blast of power. Takes a little while to get used to.


I haven’t used a shotgun or a fully automatic Maliwan yet, but the pistols and sniper rifles are useless to me. Their already low damage is only hurt further if you don’t charge them. Without the charging they’re effectively weapons that are 5 levels below all of your others. But trying to charge a sniper rifle or scoped pistol for each shot to take on 10+ enemies at range is just a stupid waste of time.

They may be great in a close range splatter gun fights, but at long range they’re pretty useless.

It strongly depends on the type of shotgun… ich finished normal game at lvl 37 and started farming loot tinks for legendarys…
But after ~50 legendary drops i found an epic maliwan shotgun that outperforms them all… i play as elemental amara and this shotgun has no charge up time, shots only one bullet that is very accurate over long distances and does 5xx dmg (which is ok for lvl 37) but deals 2000 burn dmg per second with a 96% chance!!!
I played on mayhem 2 and i can one shot a flesh badass enemy over a large distance…

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Yeah, pretty much.

Oddly, Tediore have gone from my least favorite to my favorite, possibly tied with Torque.

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I like all weapon but it can be a hit or a miss with how some Maliwan guns fire. Some times ya get a flamethrower smg with stupid long range and critz for days(was my baby till I sold it). Then sometimes ya get a pistol with only threw in the mag with nothing special. This sums up my experience with this manufacturer.

I find myself enjoying Dahl and Jacobs guns. Jacobs snipers are a great long range choice. The high damage outweighs the bolt action. Dahl Assault rifles are now perfect for my playstyle now that they do fully automatic. Never liked the burst fire. Full Auto/Semi auto is the best fire rate combo.

In BL2 Hyperion guns were my jam. I nabbed a conference call in BL3 (from a random white chest crazy enough) and while it is good I dont feel it has the punch of the old one (and looks too much like an SMG lol).

Tediore, I end up hurting/killing myself with the reload LOL. Shoot it too early or it gets stuck at a wall by mistake.

Haven’t come accross any vladof/tourge wepons I like yet. or Atlas actually. Atlas guns seem complicated for the sake of it, no advantage that I can see.

All this is for my playstyle of course. I am sure people will disagree (and want to hear opinions too). For context, I play as Zane with most of my points in the ‘Under Cover’ skill tree. The passives are surprisingly useful. Glad I rolled the dice and chose him.

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I wouldn’t say they suck, but I’m not fond of most of them. Not being able to fire a full-auto gun in controlled bursts and missing that one charged shot if a semi-auto are quite irritating, and I don’t think most have damage enough to compensate for the charge time. My favourite manufacturer in BL2, least in 3, wow Katagawa Jr. really messed that corporation up huh.

Fliers. Stick a tracker to a flier then spin around in circles shooting at the sky and they will die. Stick a tracker to an enemy’s head and you’ll land a lot of crits. Not the most practical guns but they have their uses, I usually keep an Atlas AR handy for when I want to shoot from cover while I regen or kill some winged wankmuffins (Heh I love Lorelei)


I like the Maliwan guns. I just avoid the guns that only shoot once after you charge them. Most of the Maliwan guns I’ve found have a slight charge delay but then auto fire as per other guns. I like that they often have two elemental types as well. I have a electric/acid shotgun and a radiation/fire smg. They work a treat.

Good point. I have never tried using the trackers like that. Some of the tracker bullets (I think the grenade type on some ARs) is really really slow and misses moving targets. I tried the darts and they work, but comparing DPS to other companies weapons i found it took longer to down the average grunt (mainly it is the firing rate i think). I will have to give them another go. I really liked Atlas gear in BL1; it was always a nice surprise if you managed to find an Atlas gun too (excluding the DLC where they are far more common).

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Yeah the trackers can be a bit dodgy. I’ve had one that exploded and released a bunch of trackers, so I’d either miss the target or hit multiple targets, that one was terrible. The puck is slow so you have to lead your target but it’s a large projectile making it easy to hit. My favourite was like a shotgun, sprays a bunch or trackers in a tight spread, perfect for hitting fliers. There are a lot of good pistol and SMG alternatives, Atlas guns tend to have rather low DPS, but my AR has the shotgun tracker and fires two bullets at the cost of one ammo so it shreds fliers and is decent all round.

Although I’m not a fan of Maliwan snipers, I overall like it over BL2’s Maliwan (which basically gave nerfed bullet damage for mostly inconsequential dot damage). I love the dual element feature, but the charge time is like a less annoying version of the old Hyperion downside.

The automatics are generally pretty good, projectile travel time issues aside. I enjoyed using a single blast shotgun at lower levels, but they may not perform well at endgame.

Tediore is actually the least interesting to me, despite the cool stuff they’ve done with it. Maybe because it seems like I have to determine how to use each gun to see if it’s reload is useful or not.

Charged shotguns I can live with. But charged sniper rifles just defeat the entire purpose of sniping IMHO. AKA pin point precision on tap accuracy, none of this holding, holding, holding shyte lol


I’m having a love-hate relationship with Maliwan.
I love the guns and effects, and love being able to swap elements.
I hate the fact that it changes my play style. The difference between ADS-FIRE and ADS-Hold-FIRE, even if its a second in the hold step, throws off how I normally move and aim.
I’m getting used to it, and the SMGs and the pistols make it worth it, but still trying to re-calibrate my brain.

So I’m of the general consensus that the charge up mechanic is a pain in the neck, and especially so for the Snipers cause from what I’ve experienced, you can’t even hold the charge for when you want to use it, it just auto-fires once its done.

Apparently though the parts do affect the charge times, and probably level/rarity too since the better parts have better stats to what they affect. I got ahold of a level 24 Maliwan SMG with Cryo and Radiation that fired a continuous beam that had barely half a moment of charge time, lasted me about 7 levels before the damage fell off too low.

And for guns where the charge-up would add significant benefits, but still be able to fire normally without the charge I’m all for! Trouble is they’re few and far between and unless you get lucky to get them in purple, they generally are outclassed by any other manufacturer variant of the weapon in question.

So the Snipers, they’re essentially crap for sniping… Shotguns, I haven’t seen any variants other than the single charged burst myself and they’re generally not worth it. Pistols and SMGs COULD be good, but you’re gonna be hunting awhile for good purple variants, anything blue or green just won’t be optimized enough to be worth the trouble.

I don’t like the charge up mechanics at all, and this sucks big time since I’m playing an elemental Amara, so many of the supposedly great elemental weapons require charging. Shotguns are the only weapons that I can deal with the charge up time on, but I really don’t like the feel of them. It feels clunky.

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