Anyone else think space laser is underapreciated

Sure it has a smaller radius but it’s wave clear ain’t bad, damage is INSANE, and it can be used in tight or enclosed spaces where airstrike cant, (plus it scares people way more and health melter/assassination


I actually think it’s over appreciated. Everyone I see loves it, but I think it’s meh. It’s really strong, but the aoe won’t do much unless you’re very precise (I say this as someone who just got a double kill with just that

Really I hardly ever see anyone use it and most talk about how amazing airstrike is (i remember getting a double kill with it when 2 oscar Mike’s ran into it thinking they would survive, and this was not chaos rumble this was the glitch

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I usually see every build and person here reccomending taking it but I just started using him so I never took note of when my enemies did use it. (For future readers, he is referring to when someone is playing with a Level 1 who has yet to finish the prolouge. They have no characters unlocked, so they are automatically given Oscar Mike. If someone else chooses him first, you get two Oscar Mikes as the level 1 defaults

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I think it needs to be switched to the tactical marksman side though, it does change its wave clear area denial niche to battleborn killer with indoor use

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I love it because I came to it in pve and it was a boss melter for me. then as I started messing with gear loadouts I’ve been making it hit harder and going off cooldown faster.

every tool has its place. sometimes I wait to pick the helix to keep the original effect.

but I love the space laser because it’s just a hyper focused version of the airstrike and so easy for me to catch an enemy who tunnel visions on a team mate.

It’s great for Incursion to take down a sentry quickly, but I’d probably go with the slow effect for most situations unless I’m doing a PVE mission where the final boss is indoors (e.g. Algorithm, Renegade, and Saboteur). It also works great on The Old Sentinel and his mini-bosses.

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…Was going to say that, properly placed it devastates things on that map.

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“Holy crap I love space lasers!”


I hate space lasers. I despise holding onto my level 10 helix augment on the off chance I may need to drop it on a sentry for a last minute victory instead of taking the slow missles…

Side note: is the airstrike that follows Oscar Mike any good for pvp? Like if you take ghost mode or something?

It’s crap. You shouldn’t be using it unless you’ve been getting a lot of heat. I’d go with either the laser or the slow because you should drop your ult on the sentry, then bug the hell out if necessary. It might be useful in PVE, but I wouldn’t bother with it in PVE.

See I tried it in pve and hated it. Thought maybe it might be good with ghost in pvp but it seems reeeeeeeaaaaaally gimmicky

It is. The other two options are much more useful.

Honestly they should of come up with a better mutation, but I don’t know what they could use

Against Bosses like:
Golems (Galactic Emperor, The Old Sentinel, etc.)
and Grall.

it’s an incredible skill to use.
I never regret using it.