Anyone else think that ISIC CD a a bit to long?

So i was playing ISIC and the CD on his 1st 2 skills feel painfully long. Maybe a 2sec decrease? his dash is like 20sec and his ward are like 21sec if my memory is right.

well wards can be there for a long time and the dash is pretty powerful

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Not only are the skills powerful, but he also has a shield and good ranged dps. A long cooldown period evens out the chcracter.

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I don’t know man, Using the plasma balls drains them kinda quick. The dash doesn’t feel that strong compared to some other heros skills that are on a lower CD. Being that it is ISIC damage, gap closer, and escape i think its kind of vital. It also one of this best tools for CC later in the game. In PVP i felt like it took forever holding my Aegis up, dying, while waiting for my dash to come up or the wards. I wasn’t able to play the beta long enough to get a grasp of some of the combos you could pull off with him. So maybe im missing something.

On another not…Does ISIC melee seem kinda fast lol

well you are not supposed to run in as ISIC HE IS A TANK but still he isnt all powerful(though he is powerful)and you saying his charge is worse then others then list them for me please(the better ones)

I mean in terms of Dps. All hero’s have a more offensive style of play. Like miko can be played as a carry. When you dash of they have full shield most the time of will just drain the shield, or with one of his skill take a chuck out. But after the charge you kinda naked, rotating ward don’t block melee and plasma ball are not that strong (though I figure a dash plama ball combo would do some good burst damage). But if the target is allowed any space they can easily turn the tide on isic. For what I seen his charge cannon is only good at mid range (or at least in imo) . so I end up block in and retreating. Because he is classed as a disrupter I started to wonder if this was his play style.

I feel like isic is tank ish but seen other hero soak up more damage. Kelvin Galilee hell umbra lol

ISIC plays more like a ranged tank. If you aim well than he can hit pretty far. His dash attack and aegis seem to be for when enemies do get in close because that’s inevitable. As for dps… dear god that Omega strike. I literally took down Arachnis almost single-handedly on a team of 4. I took way more damage in Omega mode and could hardly move, but the dps is spectacular. ISIC is said to be a complex character and it shows.

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Huh… I just shot rath in his feet most the time he backs off

Decreasing the cooldown for any of ISIC’s abilities outside the use of gear wouldn’t fit his role.

The abilities at his disposal Omega Strike, Plasma Dash and especially Rotating Wards are extremely useful for pushing an objective, this creates the complex nature of ISIC’s play-style, you must have battlefield awareness to understand when you should make that push.

I feel if you decrease the cooldown on any of his abilities it will remove his complex level and well, he will become a little unbalanced. I ran some cooldown gear inside of the open beta and it worked extremely well. The opportunity is there for what you want to achieve, however making it a standard with a flat cooldown decrease would cause more problems.

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I ran CD but just didn’t feel like enough =/.Changed 20 sec to like 18 sec think i got the dash to like 16. Which isn’t bad. But that wait when all is on CD is painful

well he alredy is amazing powerful and as STREFE said his abilities are VERY useful

He has a constant stream of mega man cannon blasts while his primary attack charges. I really don’t think he requires the CD since the has great attack speed along with a shield. He doesn’t need to use his skills every few seconds.

I just have to smile a little when I read this. I smile because during the CTT ISIC was nothing more than a PATHETIC wet towel. I mean, he was supposed to be a tank and he was more of a glass water pistol than anything else. Now, through trial and error and some fine tuning we have a character who is some to run from in terror rather than an easy kill. I love seeing that people are looking at him for monster he was designed to be. It’s actually a little heart warming.

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I could not agree more. Comparing him to his CTT iteration this is astounding!

What’s ctt?

CTT was the Closed Technical Test some months back when everything was in its infancy. It was as close to an Alpha as you could get.

I mean I didn’t know what ctt mean now I do. You kids and your aberrations old man like me cant keep up. Where is Viagra


Isic’s legendary gear already takes 7 second of CD off the wards when his Aegis gets broken

I think that the CD on his skills is fine. Unlike some of the other characters, he isn’t supposed to be too spammy. Rotating Wards is either a near immunity to ranged attacks or a harsh intimidation to any melee character, and if it could be up all the time, or even close to all the time, that would be stupidly broken. Plasma dash is a situational ability that needs to be saved up for the special occasion that it requires, be it escaping from a fight gone wrong, catching a fleeing foe, or stunning a Rath or Attikus or fellow ISIC out of their Ult. It isn’t really an initiation tool unless you expect to be fighting a winning fight for a while, since ISIC is at his strongest at range.

The concentrated wards+plasma dash combo can be used to finish off a weakened foe, but it isn’t good for initiation because it leaves him without either of his abilities and puts ISIC, a character who’s best at range, in melee reach, which is something that he tries to avoid (or at least he should). Wards is used to scare off enemies from attacking during its duration or else suffer what is essentially self-inflicted damage. One shouldn’t think of Concentrated Wards as an attack, but rather as a defense against melee characters, because as long as they’re up, no character wants to be near ISIC.

I think if the Cd is going to that long they should put the damage of plasma dash higher. The orginal was 350. I. Having trouble doing the minion challenge because the dash just feels to weak. I also think the concentrating ward shoud have a perk to be stronger, they arnt very good IMO. If the starting shields are 300 the balls will only knock down the sheild and some of the health. If the smart they will see it an back away. It also useles again melee tanks like kelvin galilea