Anyone else think that they should use cartel event as foundation for mayhem mode?

Where mayhem levels determine the frequency of spawns and where the modifiers decides what these enemies bring to the fight?

i find it super annoying when every enemy have a chance to spawn a death skull or have a buddy system drone or drop a cryo nova. i don’t think it adds any fun factor the combat flow, it’s the opposite actually. it often feels like i spend more time to shoot death skulls and cryo novas than to shoot enemies. it just feels like it’s in the way and off putting.

the cartels event atleast made all these modifiers make more sense to be there, now that it is gone it’s like a puzzle piece is missing. in my opinion, cartels event were the closest thing we’ve had to a proper “mayhem” mode.

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I don’t think they’ll remove the modifiers so what about mayhem8-10 having always the same very hard modifier:

Additional Cartel spawns (Just additional spawns, not the villa part or any event legendary)

In the past few months that was the most entertaining modifier, or game mechanic, gbx added to borderlands 3.
Your game could easily turn into total chaos in a few seconds, that’s borderlands style.

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yeah i don’t think they’ll remove modifiers entirely either. i didn’t mean that they should remove entirely, i were thinking something like the additional spawns would be the only ones affected by modifiers instead of every enemy, atleast the hard and very hard ones.

when every other ratch spawn a cryo orb on death, then the cryo orb spawns a post mortem skull, which then puts me in FFYL because i’m slowed, then get a second wind and that kill also spawns a cryo orb i feel it gets to a point where it’s just to much.

when i played around on amara the other day i had skulls coming in from every direction due to indiscriminate killing stuff all around me. had a similar experience on flak with reflux. chains seemed to go through just about anything so i had skulls flying out of the walls basically.

agreed. even the most dull area could turn into a sh!tshow. i think it’s a lot more fun to fight waves of badasses and mini bosses than waves of skulls with weird hitboxes.

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