Anyone else think we could use more ammo capacity for Sniper, Shotgun and Rocket Launchers?

I felt like this in BL2 as well. But I would like if max ammo for these weapons increased.


I totally think they need more ammo. They already added more SDUs for the bank, so hopefully they can add more for the others, at some point.
I play mostly jacobs, swap between weapon types and pick up ammo all the time, but still run low sometimes on M3 or M4. I don’t bother using snipers, partly because they seem rubbish compared to previous Borderlands game, but also due to low ammo, but I think it needs more shotgun and rocket/heavy ammo, as they seem to run out too fast.


More ammo and more damage (for snipers). Is there any sniper besides the Lyuda that’s even usable in M4?



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Sniper ammo really never felt like an issue unless using a Vladof mostly cause I tend to use those unscoped like a high powered assault rifle. Shotgun really only had issues when using ones that consumed additional ammo on every shot. Heavy weapons I wouldn’t mind more ammo for just because instances I feel like using them usually result in liberal usage and no ammo left in a very short amount of time.

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Personally, I’d like to see them get rid of limited ammo altogether.


As of the release of M4 everything takes more bullets, so we need some new sdu’s. But, yes… you are correct… those guns REALLY need some new sdu’s to make them a practical choice of weapon.


Definitely sniper ammo, I find it strange that you can hold hundreds of other ammo types but only around a 100 sniper rounds.


Sniper damage in general feels really weak (except Lyuda) compared to other weapons especially alien barrel snipers.


I think the ammo cap is fine. The problem is very few snipers or launchers have the damage to warrant the ammo cap. Outside of the Lyuda I can’t think of a single sniper rifle that feels particularly powerful. Launchers have a few more options(Ion Cannon,Scourge,a few purples) but still few and far between. The damage on nearly every launcher and sniper in the game need a serious buff to make them worth it. This would also have the pleasant side effect of giving the weakest vault hunter(Moze) a nice buff to help her compete in m4.


I’ve been messing around with an Ion Cannon with a Blastmaster Moze build on M4. I don’t even have anointments appropriate for the build yet and its still dropping some bosses in 1 hit. But the thing I’ve noticed is due to all the + Splash radius I have on the build atm I’m seeing entire groups of enemies dropping from 1 shot even when spread out a bit if I fully charge the shot.

Yeah the Ion Cannon is one of my favorite weapons in the game right now. I have a x2 variant with 300% damage after phaseslam and it just deletes Graveward on m4. The build doesn’t even matter. I can’t even imagine it with an incendiary version and ele projector.


I wouldn’t mind if ammo pickups gave more ammo either, it’s not increasing difficulty running low on ammo, it’s just increasing inconvenience.

Having said that I rarely run out of ammo or even run low, mostly talking about boss farming when there isn’t a vending machine, or going through large areas killing a lot of mobs.

Just a QoL feature I’d enjoy and think they should implement.

Snipers having such low ammo capacity hurts enough, but on top of that a lot of snipers consume 2+ ammo per shot :frowning:

also feels like ammo drops aren’t weighted as strongly as they were in BL2–so running a single weapon type build is almost impossible.


Hopefully they see feedback like this and increase these ammo types.

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Snipers especially, there are jakobs ARs that do more damage, fire quicker and have like 10x the ammo capacity of a top tier sniper rifle. Across all 3 of my characters apart from just trying out a new gun I’ve never used a sniper, let alone take up one of my slots.

Shotgun I don’t seem to run out often though it does happen occasionally, so I think it’s close to right and Heavy weapon should be quite limited due to how destructive they can be (though not BL2 levels), so low ammo makes you think about when to strategically use it (except on my Zane clone he can spam hive lol).

This just became more relevant with Ion Cannon now taking 6 ammo per shot(12 if annexed) which is ridiculous.

Need higher cap for these ammo types.


Annexed costs 7.


Ahh, saw someone say it was 12. That’s a little better but still ridiculous considering 5 shots and you’re out of ammo.

Depends what you’re using it for. If you are trying to main it and not building around it that’s your fault(ION main builds still work fine). If you are using it for emergency or second wind weapon it’s still fine for that. I honestly don’t understand an issue.