Anyone else tired of seeing level 49 Gear in TVHM M4?

Yeaa the title says it all. Saw a x2 Lyuda with 125% increased damage on ASE against badasses etc. but it was level 49, been seeing level 49 gear alot but after seeing that level 49 lyuda i was mad… in the handsome jackpot treasure room i’ve seen probably dozens of level 49 gear on TVHM M4, can’t they just lock the gear to 50??? That is the first time i ever seen a lyuda like that after playing everyday since launch for at least 3-4 hours a day, this is just irritating.


Yup, although i have to say, playing on M3-M4 most of the time, I don’t come across alot of 49 gear.
But the other day, I came across a pretty good annointed Stop-Gap shield, then I noticed it was lvl 49. Was a bit dissappointed at first, but I don’t think the stats would have changed much if it were lvl 50.

Saying that… I sold it anyway haha.

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Yes there is no reason it should drop.

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I got multiple screenshots just too lazy to take the pic wit my phone then on my laptop but i seen at least 4 level 49 items 2 farms in a row, matter fact make that 5, im looking at a level 49 holey-man in the VIP tower right now.

The bottom of my screen says 4 for mayhem 4 so i know i’m not doing anything wrong lol.

Bottom line is: when you are playing on Mayhem mode, wich ever mode really, and you are lvl 50, gear shouldn’t drop lower than 50.

Non mayhem mode dropping 48-50 stuff, I could live with, but above M0, gear should be lvl 50 for sure. To add to that, when going into mayhem mode, M4 should drop annointed gear, and nothing else!


Certain weapon parts are only offered in level 49, like scopes and stocks, this doesn’t mean you’ll deal less damage I have a level 49 brainstormer that does higher damage than a 50 I had at the price of accuracy.

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I hate this nonsense and it goes way back to bl2 aswell, when they mentioned at the start that everything would scale to your level I was delighted but that was a lie, who the hell wants to pick up a lvl 49 when you are end game, I have had great weapons drop that I needed and I had to just leave them there just outta spite, I have had probably more 49’s drop in the dlc than the whole game, as you said it cant be that hard to make everything 50 its done on purpose i’d say to keep people farming

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I can’t agree/disagree with that cuz i just don’t know parts but all i know is it sucks seeing 49, i’m wierd like that, i just wanna see 50 on it.


I agree but it’s just some ■■■■ dev trolling us for not reading stats.
It is aesthetically pleasing to see your best gear at max level.


Soooo there’s a x6 Molten Dictator lvl 49 :frowning: I’m just gonna have to take it, never seen one of those before…

You’re on fire with the 49’s tonight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I swear i never seen this many before, even closed the application, turned off mayhem and turned it back on, its just bad news.

My dlc playthroughs on 2 characters were rampant with the horrible things, it is a major turn off especially when you get good drops like the one you just got :man_facepalming:

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I know it sucks big time but i try not to let it bother me too much, its mostly chests that it happens to.

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yes, i think everyone is

Something that seems odd to me is it seems like specific legendaries dropping at lv 49 for me like the AAA pistol.

I think maybe its just some weird AF RNG at play cuz the AAA may have dropped @ 49 but i got multiple lvl 50 AAA’s as well, sometimes when i’m farming a specific legendary will drop in different elements.

I’m annoyed with any drops that are under level 50 when you’re playing any content that is scaled to level 50.

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My experience is that enemies generally drop level 50 gear when you’re at level 50. However, chests drop either level 49 or 50 gear. It really would be nice to have guaranteed level 50 in chests.

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